Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Seven Month Transition- BIG CHOP!!!

I just love this shirt! Wacky twist-out, I love it too!

     After seven months of going without a relaxer, is it still a big chop? No matter, my relaxed and texlax hair are all gone! I carried on for a two weeks, begging my fiance to cut my hair and then chickening out. Of course I couldn't cut it myself and I really didn't want to. He took his time, went section by section and cut appropriately. He likes the cut and I like that he likes it. I feel flipping great and proud of hair, it's been a while since I enjoyed my hair.

     It's been about two months since I blogged. I have  moved cross-country, got engaged (!!!) and finished my Master's!!! I've been down south for a month and slowly but surely getting used to things. I'm trying to figure out what I should volunteer for and what organizations to join while on the hunt for a job/career (preferably HR Admin Assistant to start)

      I thought it would be a good idea to cut my hair now because I do have free time on my hands at the moment. Lots of compliments and the ones who don't like it, don't say anything for now. I wasn't really shocked about my short hair. I kinda think I pull it off pretty well. After my cut, I green-housed over night and I put twists in my hair the next day for a twist-out. Twist-out on my TWA, three-five inches of confused hair is a work in progressed. At night I gathered 10 chunks of hair and slipped an Ouchless scunchie over each chunk. I refuse to re-twist every night (for now).

      I am eager to try out all types of hair styles. I really can't believe I was scared to cut my hair. The thought of it literally made my pulse speed up. I drove myself nuts. I wish I had cut sooner but either way I am happy. 

The next morning hair still in big bunches. Edges
laid with just my scarf and water.
That's all for now
Peace and Love