Before and After

         Back in high school (2007) I had shoulder length hair. I got my hair relaxed when I had money, nothing crazy. My college years, my hair was just sucky! I didn't understand what was going down with my hair. I flat ironed it A LOT. I believe that was my downfall. Finally I couldn't take it and my sister introduced me into hair care. I really felt my hair would grow out of its didn't. So I started with weekly sulfate-free washes and NO HEAT. No blow-drying or flat ironing. I learned to roller set and dry my hair in a bun. In the beginning of my hair journey, my hair was thriving! Today, 2013, my ends are thin, I search and destroy too much and I believe my relaxers weren't done correctly. August 2014 I big chopped my hair!

I want my thick hair back!

June 2010 I didn't have a clue

June 2011 (My hair at its healthiest,
when I started caring)

September 2012 (cut three inches off 4 months ago)

May 2013 (texlaxing for 6 months now)

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