Friday, February 21, 2014

Does Anyone Else Find Gyms Intimidating?

      Le Sigh, it's not that I am scared to work out but when I walk into a Crossfit gym filled with bars, weights, weird machines not found in other gyms and other people who clearly know how to use these items, I get a sense of "perhaps I should've worked out at home." BUT NO! I do know how to use the machines.

      I found kickboxing class a little scary because I was so concerned with keeping up with the others. But it is not a competition (only in my head) and you really get out what you put in. My last kickboxing class is sometime next week, I'm not that sad but working out with others really motivates you to keep moving. The voice in my head that tells me to keep pushing is going to have to be a little louder once class is over.

       Last week I went back to CrossFit and brought out my yoga mat at home. I lost some flexibility, the little stretching I do before working out is not enough for me. I started with this yoga video then went on to a stretching video.

Dead-lift old max 170 lbs brought it up to 180 but I'm back
at 170 now
       I finally went to the weight-room at my school. I haven't done CrossFit for so long now, I tried to go in and do what I normally did but I lost some strength. My favorite CrossFit exercise is called a dead-lift. That was the first thing I proceeded to do and went straight to my max; the bar didn't budge so I took it down some. It's all good because it motivates me to get back to where I was.
Can you see the definition?!

Typical look before heading out to the gym
       My goals include:

  • Put on at least 10 more pounds of muscle
  • Develop a killer bod (even more than it already is, I kid, lol)
  • Increase my strength 
  • Increase stamina and endurance
        I want to feel energized and far from lazy. Overall, I want to be healthy, with health everything else falls into place. The closer I get to my goals, the less intimidating the gym will be. Another goal is to participate in more runs/races. I am so excited for things to come this year, I see many random runs/races in my future.

Fitness Friday

What is your favorite workout/exercise?
What are your goals?

I wish peace and love to everyone xoxo

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Donated Some Blood

     Within the last 12 months I have gone to donate blood three times and I succeeded twice! My first attempt was my senior year in high-school. I'm 2 for 2 when it comes to donating. Sometimes my iron is too low and they send me home. 

      There is something about donating blood when you don't have to. I really feel a sense of satisfaction when I do it. I honestly don't know why I didn't donate between age 18 and now. I know life happens and people get busy but I don't think that was it. I'm pretty sure I didn't care enough. I know, not nice. My best-friend got me into it, he said "do you want to save lives?" And I was like HECK YEA! He has been donating for years now. He also donates platelets. That takes longer than regular blood donations. 
        The worst part of donating blood is when they prick your finger to check you iron level, that's honestly the worst part. The whole donation process took about an hour. Read Red Cross material and then they ask you general questions while checking your pulse, blood pressure and iron. After that you answer questions on a computer about travel and possible exposure to contaminated blood.
        Once you pass the screening you lay down on a bed and decide which arm to sacrifice. My left arm had a better located vein, so left it was. They clean the area for an allotted amount of time. Don't look at the needle, especially if you don't like them. I detest getting shots from the doctors but this one is different, doesn't hurt but it's a weird feeling, can't really explain (remember you are saving lives). 

         I believe a pint is a standard donation and it can be done every 8 weeks as long as you are in good health. While the blood is being drawn out, you squeeze a stress ball every few seconds. My poor fingers, I'd say I squeezed the ball for 20 minutes. Once the blood donation is done, YOU GET SNACKS. Like in elementary school before they banned sweets. It's recommended you sit, eat and drink for 10-15 before going about your day. 
          I'm not a huge Red Cross fan because after my first donation, they began to call me like crazy. After weeks or months, I got a hold of them and told them to stop it. Red Cross I don't mind donating and a reminder is nice, but there is no need to call me 6 days a week. I'm actually witting a paper on the ethics of telemarketing, of course Red Cross isn't considered a telemarketer, I digress. 

Do you partake in any charities? Which ones? I am always up to learn!
Do you know your blood type?
Love and Peace everyone
Peace and love

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Hobby: Boxing/Kickboxing

I got the pink pair when I tired out the kickboxing class.
      Over Christmas in New York, I was handed down a free-standing punching bag. I've been wanting one and my boyfriend had an old one that he hasn't touched in years.

       Once I figured out where to put it, it took me almost a month to get the motivation to fill it up. When I did, I was in love! I searched the Internet for all sorts if information about boxing/MMA/kickboxing. I already had gloves and hand-wraps. When I was ready to start hitting the bag, it took me almost a half hour to wrap my hands, but it was worth it. I watched a few boxing videos to get my stance down and the punches. 
       I still wanted more, so off to Groupon I went. They always have great kickboxing choices. Of course I procrastinated and my guy ended getting me one. Super excited for my first kickboxing class!  
      It was an hour of non-stop movement and in the end I thought it was great. I went back again the next week even though the instructor suggested three times a week (of course). Their schedule, mine and the little snow storm made things a little harder to do three times a week. Plus I had a bag at home! 

         In between my classes I do Blogilates (Pilates), calisthenics, and I work with my bag. However, I do miss Crossfit, but I find it challenging to do without a little help. I got to (wo)man up though. 
I love the results Crossfit has given me but boy oh boy do I love kickboxing. I'm not on the strictest workout schedule but I now aim for three times a week 30 minutes to an hour. I used to do more but things change. 
         Also I have stayed away from fried food. Once a week I can eat something fried, but I don't miss it. I ate clean for about a week in January but I didn't like how I prepped my meals. They tasted so bland. So no more meal prepping for now. 
     Water. My water intake has not increased to where I want it. I can't even tell others to drink water because I slack in that area. Water is really the only beverage I have in the house. I either drink green tea and ginger infused water, hot chocolate, hot tea or just water water. As a matter of fact I'm going to go make some green tea and ginger infused water now. OH and smoothies, I know it's been cold out but I finally added spinach to my smoothies. Loves it! 
Peace and Love 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wash Day (12 Days Post)

        So I eventually I began to enjoy my super flat ironed hair. I put my hair in my favorite super super super high bun, gosh I miss those. So after the wash, I learned a hair didn't fix my problems. Damaged hair is damaged hair. Guys I'm so over my hair, I don't get much joy blogging about it or tracking how it's doing. My nape is shot, it'll take a year to grow it all out blah blah blah (I decided to write this post a day later because I though I would have better feelings toward my hair, lawlz).

Yesterday I-

ORS Creamy Aloe Clarified---> KeraPro and AgeBeautiful Deep Conditioned--->Oil rinsed--->Aphogee

Keratin and Green Tea spray--->Lightly applied Lacio Lacio Protein leave-in---> T-shirt dried---> more oil

and leave-in (focusing on the back)--->detangled (took 30 minutes if that)--->Cool air tension method really  fast

This is with deep conditioner
overprocessed, heat damage
         As I was washing my hair and detangling, I was happy about the cut, made things a little easier. I couldn't figure out how to put my big hair up at night. I don't was to bother the nape, so I put two twists in the back and bunned the rest of my hair, I clipped the two twists like a cross-wrap, shaking my head, I was tired. The back is so short but I knew more was cut back there.
This nasty habit of touching my damaged

Why did you guys allow me to cut my hair!? I'm just kidding, it's no big deal,
(and I was told not to cut a number of times)
length check?  LOL, NO :)
         Okay so when was the last time I enjoyed writing about my hair?! Possibly Christmas and before that? Why did I start blogging? It was a way for people to keep up with me, I could easily track how my hair was doing and I had a lot of free time. With that being said, I'm going to take perhaps a month off, I will not pay my hair too much attention. Focusing on it makes it bigger than it is. I will, however, continue to check out everyone else's blogs, comment and post about things I'm doing. A month not about my hair? Sounds like a challenge.  

Peace & Love
3 and a half more weeks of my winter session!