Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Hobby: Boxing/Kickboxing

I got the pink pair when I tired out the kickboxing class.
      Over Christmas in New York, I was handed down a free-standing punching bag. I've been wanting one and my boyfriend had an old one that he hasn't touched in years.

       Once I figured out where to put it, it took me almost a month to get the motivation to fill it up. When I did, I was in love! I searched the Internet for all sorts if information about boxing/MMA/kickboxing. I already had gloves and hand-wraps. When I was ready to start hitting the bag, it took me almost a half hour to wrap my hands, but it was worth it. I watched a few boxing videos to get my stance down and the punches. 
       I still wanted more, so off to Groupon I went. They always have great kickboxing choices. Of course I procrastinated and my guy ended getting me one. Super excited for my first kickboxing class!  
      It was an hour of non-stop movement and in the end I thought it was great. I went back again the next week even though the instructor suggested three times a week (of course). Their schedule, mine and the little snow storm made things a little harder to do three times a week. Plus I had a bag at home! 

         In between my classes I do Blogilates (Pilates), calisthenics, and I work with my bag. However, I do miss Crossfit, but I find it challenging to do without a little help. I got to (wo)man up though. 
I love the results Crossfit has given me but boy oh boy do I love kickboxing. I'm not on the strictest workout schedule but I now aim for three times a week 30 minutes to an hour. I used to do more but things change. 
         Also I have stayed away from fried food. Once a week I can eat something fried, but I don't miss it. I ate clean for about a week in January but I didn't like how I prepped my meals. They tasted so bland. So no more meal prepping for now. 
     Water. My water intake has not increased to where I want it. I can't even tell others to drink water because I slack in that area. Water is really the only beverage I have in the house. I either drink green tea and ginger infused water, hot chocolate, hot tea or just water water. As a matter of fact I'm going to go make some green tea and ginger infused water now. OH and smoothies, I know it's been cold out but I finally added spinach to my smoothies. Loves it! 
Peace and Love 


  1. Nice job Aku! I wish that I had the room in my house for a punching bag!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks girl! Oh man I hope I always have room for my bag

  2. I am super jealous of that punching bag. Oh, the frustrations I would release with that thing around.
    Thanks for joining our linkup!

  3. Hi there,
    I just love hitting my bag, so glad I have it. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Super cool! I have always wanted to get into kickboxing! But excuses excuses!

    1. Hey Yvonne,
      Check out Groupon for area. Find one you like, buy it and then you have to do it lol!