Sunday, May 25, 2014

Banana Pre-poo/Deep Condition

So I got rid of my iPhone (but I still have it) anyways I usually write my posts on my phone and Blogger syncs it. With my new phone, the post never sync. EVER. I'm working on it.
I planned on installing twists this week, honest I did. But things didn't go accordingly, so I opted for a hair meltdown and the next day tension blew my hair with a little heat. I started flat ironing it but I had to stop so I could learn to drive stick shift.

  • Wet my hair and proceeded to blend two bananas, teaspoon of honey (honey was running low) and a half cup (a little less than half) of water. I managed not to spill the concoction this time.
  • Applied my banana mix, placed a plastic cap over it and waited a half hour.

This week at Trader Joe's I picked up their Spa Shampoo only because it said moisturizing and they ran out of the tea tree shampoo. I also picked up the Tea Tree Conditioner. So far I like one over the other. More on that in a future post.

  • Rinsed the banana out with the shampoo and proceeded to Tea Tree Condition. Rinsed and poured cold Aloe Vera Juice on my hair and sealed it with oil.

  • I wrapped my hair in a T-shirt for an hour as I feathered the hair extensions. Some how some way I nixed the plan after I felt my hair wasn't fully cleansed. I'm not sure if it was banana remnants or henidgo but I didn't want to twist my hair after that.

Moped around and detangled a little bit. I was having a bad hair day.

The next day I sprayed water, aloe vera and Hello Hydration mix on it and tension blew it semi straight. All the textures are hard to work with. I attempted to straighten it to no avail.

I haven't had my hair straight for about four months now. I really want to master straightening natural hair without heat damage (moknowshair) for my future endeavors. 

Peace and Love

Thursday, May 15, 2014

First Henna + Indigo Treatment (LATE LATE LATE)

         At my wits end with my hair. I'm sure it's not going to stop breaking until it gets my whole head, hopefully this hendigo can help.
         Due to the severity of my breakage, I decided what's the worst that can happen if I use henna? Red hair, that is probably the worst for me personally. I love my natural color so I tested my strands before the big application, and red, red, red. The first clump of hair I let sit over night and a second clump, I did another one for two hours, both were similar red colors. Ugh I'd have to incorporate the indigo.

3 parts henna 150 g

  •      2 cups of water
  •      Tablespoon of EVOO and Avocado Oil
  •      Kanechom Ceramides conditioner
  •      Some lemon juice
1 part indigo 50 g

     I let the henna sit overnight. Added the indigo right before I applied it to my head. I believe I left the hendigo on for at least 3 hours. I was terrified about the color change.

Henna Treatment
Getting ready
Not too drastic, but I don't like

    The back of my hair can not reach the ponytail, so I take mini butterfly clips and gather two sections and clip them up. Either this or a faux bun.

     Henna + Indigo, I could have done without it perhaps...I don't know. I really didn't care for the treatment and the application process. I think the breakage has stopped because my hair is probably like "I guess we destroyed her whole back of the head, let's leave her alone." However, I do think my hair will slowly continue to break everywhere, it seems to be moving to the front left side, lots of mid-shaft splits. My curl pattern...didn't notice much of a change expect maybe it is easier to detangle? Overall, I think that was the first and last of the henna and indigo.

    I believe I am 16 weeks post. Hoping I have time to install twists next week. Two more weeks of classes, I'm trying to finish strong.

Peace and Love

Friday, May 2, 2014

Finale Post by Miriam!

Hey guys! This will be my last post! I wanted to make it special and different. I'm so sorry i'm late, school work literally has taken over this year for me. It's hard to keep a balance with everything. I first want to say that this experience was awesome and a great experience! I'm glad I got the chance to post my personal hair regime, share tips and products, and also share certain things that were not based on just hair. The hair community is great, and the atmosphere is very friendly. You guys are willing to help each other out,share ideas, and even give tips on certain aspects. I learned that this truly is a great way to stay on track with what ever goal we have. I also want to give a big thanks to my sister Aku, for letting me take over for April. Life is so much more than hair, and this blog is a perfect example of that! I hope I can do this again! Maybe in a year?! Hmm, that would be cool to see the transition and change of one year. Anyway I will definitely check back on this blog for updates! I wish you guys the best of luck with what ever goal you have! You can achieve anything with hard work and dedication! ]

And now i'll leave you guys with motivational quotes!