Thursday, May 15, 2014

First Henna + Indigo Treatment (LATE LATE LATE)

         At my wits end with my hair. I'm sure it's not going to stop breaking until it gets my whole head, hopefully this hendigo can help.
         Due to the severity of my breakage, I decided what's the worst that can happen if I use henna? Red hair, that is probably the worst for me personally. I love my natural color so I tested my strands before the big application, and red, red, red. The first clump of hair I let sit over night and a second clump, I did another one for two hours, both were similar red colors. Ugh I'd have to incorporate the indigo.

3 parts henna 150 g

  •      2 cups of water
  •      Tablespoon of EVOO and Avocado Oil
  •      Kanechom Ceramides conditioner
  •      Some lemon juice
1 part indigo 50 g

     I let the henna sit overnight. Added the indigo right before I applied it to my head. I believe I left the hendigo on for at least 3 hours. I was terrified about the color change.

Henna Treatment
Getting ready
Not too drastic, but I don't like

    The back of my hair can not reach the ponytail, so I take mini butterfly clips and gather two sections and clip them up. Either this or a faux bun.

     Henna + Indigo, I could have done without it perhaps...I don't know. I really didn't care for the treatment and the application process. I think the breakage has stopped because my hair is probably like "I guess we destroyed her whole back of the head, let's leave her alone." However, I do think my hair will slowly continue to break everywhere, it seems to be moving to the front left side, lots of mid-shaft splits. My curl pattern...didn't notice much of a change expect maybe it is easier to detangle? Overall, I think that was the first and last of the henna and indigo.

    I believe I am 16 weeks post. Hoping I have time to install twists next week. Two more weeks of classes, I'm trying to finish strong.

Peace and Love


  1. Hi Aku! I've been following your blog over the last several months. I can feel the frustration with the breakage. Question for you...have you thought about cutting out protein and focusing on moisture for a good while? I had similar breakage and I realized that I was using so much protein outside of my protein treatment (i.e. cantu shea butter, elasta QP). I've been heavily focusing on moisture since October 2013 and noticed a turnaround in my hair.

    1. Hello Nykema!
      I feel like I do cut out protein from time to time, but maybe I don't ever really cut it out. When my hair is in twists, I only protein before and after the installation. Lots of my favorite products do contain protein so I will rethink my regimen again. Thanks for your suggestion.

  2. Awww sorry you didn't have a very positive hendigo process (i love that name by the way:) The newspapers on the floor is exactly what my henna application days look like lol. I have never tried indigo but I am a henna head and I agree the application process can be tedious and messy but with time I have gotten used to it plus I grew up surrounded by henna heads and was always on the front row on their application days so I guess it's part of me. My natural hair colour is darkish brown so the henna highlights it even more which is fine by me. I don't know if constant tea rinsing may be of help to you with the breakage? I am going by the theory that since it stops shedding it must have a positive effect on breakage as well...

    1. Oh man LYDZ when I saw those test strands... I was scared. I wish I could do without the indigo.When I think of tea rinses, I think of shedding, but it wouldn't hurt to start doing tea rinses again. I will consider it.

  3. Breakage can cause alot of frustration, like Nykema, I suggest checking your hair products.

  4. Just picked up some new conditioner!