About Me, Me, Me

Hi, how are you?! 

           Originally I wanted to blog about my hair, but there so much more in life that I'm interested in.  So this blog will be what the title says because it's not all about my hair. However, I have a thing for my hair. I had a thing for it when it was thick, long and relaxed and now that I have short natural coily hair, I still have a thing for it.

          I am your average 20-something year old without a clue and at the same time I am not average. Being average is hard. My mind is pretty much everywhere so I thought I should write about it. Lots of things have been changing, I am currently engaged to an Airmen (Air Force Baby), in a new city trying to make my way. 

 So I'm on a Healthy Hair journey, Internal Peace Journey, Self Actualization Journey and a Life Journey. Many journeys. There is still time for me to be a complete screw-up. Or I can become this brilliant citizen of the world? So let's see how my life thing plays out. Or I'll take my destination into my own hands. I don't know, one day at a time.


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