Friday, January 30, 2015

Coils, Salon, One Year Post!

        I fell in love with coils quickly, however, it took me longer to like them on myself. I went to a local salon for a free consultation and was sold. She booked me for a next day appointment and we decided on coils.  It's a style they say will last 2-4 weeks. The first two weeks I let the coils be while lightly moisturizing them every other day. That consists of putting a moisturizer on my palms, rubbing them together and then rubbing my tight coils with moisturized palms. In a week or so I will wear a coil out. The first coil out is complimentary at the salon however, not sure when I have time to visit...
         Like I mentioned earlier, it took me a while to like this on me. It's so short but I enjoy shaking my "dreads" in the morning. This hair has been so easy breezy. But HONEY let me tell you! Yes! It took 4 hours after detangling, washing and deep conditioning for two hours. Yes I was at the salon from 1:30 to 7:30. It did not seem worth the time at first but I just love the ease!! 

Three more weeks! Lets go. I have yet to work out with this hair, I have no excuses. By the way, I haven't been to the salon in exactly a year. That last relaxer and hair cut. Being one year post relaxer and almost six months post BC, I thought I'd be farther along. But first I need to figure out how to master my hair then everything will fall into place.

Peace and Love