Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Moisture/Protective Style/Scab Hair?

      I'm excited this year because I will be spending the winter in the south. Slightly warmer than what I am used to. Two things: I can't stop playing in my hair, specifically the damaged area. The area that started the downfall of my relaxed hair. The second thing: Perhaps I'm using too much protein? The touching of my hair...I don't know how to stop, even when I don't do it, I don't feel proud just the same when I do play in my hair, I don't feel guilty. I think I'm being careful...but that can't be right. The only way I know how to combat this issue is by protective styling. However, I just need to stop because once the protective styling is done, I'll be back at it. I always do learn things the hard way. Perhaps if I get a bald spot, then I'll stop? Let's not let it come to that. 
The left side is damaged and it is shortest. Measuring
about 4 inches compared to 6-8 inches all over my head.

      I know the pic makes me look crazy because my hair looks uniform but it is not. I want to leave my hair alone and just keep trimming till everything matches. January twenty-something makes 12 months no relaxer. My hair grows a decent amount so 4 inches makes no sense. Granted I have been snipping those stupid single strand knots and splits. I am sad about this stubborn section. It may be from years and years of relaxing...scab hair? Fine, whatever it is, it needs to change. I thought cutting my hair would cure all my issues...>_>. I see kinky twists and unused protein products in my immediate future. More water in my body fo'sure.

Peace & love
Ever heard of scab hair? 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wash and Go?

          Happy November Everyone! I can't believe the year is coming to an end. Time flies. So we are a week into November and I've been working on Wash and Go's. The gel part really throws me off and I didn't quite understand the concept. But after watching YouTube and doing a few, I think I get it. With a wash and go, you perverse defined curls using gel, no need to twist, stretch or braid hair, I believe curls are most defined when wet. So wash and gel and just go and allow your hair to just air dry. The first wash and go I did at the end of October (I can't seen to replicate it because I haven't been writing down hat I've been doing) I really liked. I didn't have to touch my hair for a few days. 

This last one I divided my hair into four sections and:

I tried using Naptural85's wash and go method because it seemed like the simplest one. I used a blow dryer the first time but decided I rather just 'go'.
Fresh Wash and Go. Hair was super wet. (Phone Camera)
2nd Day Hair. Photos from camera phone

That Theorie gives me life! 

2nd Day shot from my camera
Camera pic

      I hope everyone's weekend is going well. So far I have no complaints. I visited the shooting range with my expert shooter fiance and partook in a festival going down in the area. No pictures of the festival, however, I really enjoyed myself. It's going to be a long weekend with Veteran's Day around the corner. Hope all is well!

Wash Day Experience link-up hosted by Saving Our Strands and Just Grow Already

Peace and Love

Friday, October 31, 2014

East Georgia (Mostly) (Video+pics)

Hilton Head, SC. 
        Hi! Hello Everyone! Izzy has left, sad face. Once she arrived in NY she created a wonderful video of her visit. Very Artsy. Love Love Love the video. Please Enjoy!

Memorial Garden at the Mighty Eight Air Force Museum

We have a thing for frozen treats

We're a gaming family. 
Izzy at one of the many souvenir shops
       There's something about touring places in the south. Perhaps, it's because I am from New York, but certain things would not be found in NY the way they are found in Georgia. Somewhat of a culture shock. A lot of the places have deep roots that were unfun times for people of color back in the day. Not sure how to decipher it.

Anyways, check out the video, it's a real mood brightener
Aku Oji

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Life Now: Short Natural Hair

        I woke up this morning, and thought about my current life situation and my hair crossed my mind. I also woke up and decided to watch some YouTube videos. It can be a guilty pleasure at times. I stumbled upon NaturallyNellzy. I like her talks about random stuff more than hair stuff (maybe hair stuff later). She said something about women with short hair being the most confident, something of the sorts. I've heard others mention how much guts and confidence it takes to walk around with natural short hair. Frankly, I was very concerned about having short hair. I jokingly say that I have "no hair"(some call me dramatic). 

        I've been out and about this past week with my sister. Some days I am conscious about my hair and sometimes I am confident about it. When I am getting ready to go out, I absolutely love my hair. I simply take my bonnet off moisturize, seal and go outside. When I am conscious, I think about how people see my hair and what they wonder about it. I never put too much thought into wondering these things because my hair was one way, a more easily accepted way according to this society. But now my hair is kinky, curly, tightly packed at times, it grows up and out. Anyways I wonder these things. 
An empty 
Everyday style for the
past week
       I am not quite sure if this hair fits me, personally, I think it's very fitting on me. I don't know, short hair can't work for everyone but I think it's working for me?  Maybe grown out hair will be my look? So, I have to try it before I stick with short. The goal is to grow my hair out so...not sure. I think the consciousness will pass, but it comes up a lot in my head when I have interviews. Especially since I want to work one-on-one with people because I'm convinced I'm a people person (I am). I obviously don't want to work with or for anyone who finds my appearance not up their "standards." I would hate for that to be a reason not to get a job but we live in funny times. Some looks are more acceptable than others, you guys already know. I love my hair but I'd be silly to think everyone else will like it and that's the thing, will my life be different because of hair? All I know is, if someone doesn't like it, kindly get over yourself, especially in a work setting.  

      I am natural, look at that. The best thing has to be not getting or planning a relaxer touch-up. I always knew that I did not want to be relaxing my hair for years and years to come, I did not want to spend money on relaxers and the amount of money I have already spent on relaxers!!! Gee Willerkers. I say all this to say, I do think short hair requires some form of confidence, whether you don't care what anyone thinks or you know you look great. 

Anyways, just some thoughts. Posts on my sisters visit/East Georgia exploration coming soon.
Peace and Love 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Guess Who's Coming to Town?! (+hair pics)

This was almost two years ago
Guess who's paying little ol' me a visit!? My little (3 years younger) sister, Izzy! YAY! Being far away from home can be very hard at times, sort of isolated from the world I once knew. I have three younger sisters all uniquely cool in their own way.

This is Izzy's first vacation and I want it to be great. Shopping, museums, eating out- a nice cultural vacation the best I know how (since I'm still new to Georgia myself). This vacation will hopefully be a good way to check out the town. The weather will be better (no offense to my New Yorkers) than the typical New England weather so maybe we can hit the beaches too!

First stop is a waffle house. I know, I know, how can I take her to a Waffle House when there are so many places to eat out here? But I think waffle houses are a staple down south.

conditioner/leave-in, water and oil.
I'm around two months BC, not sure. I came to terms that I am not attached to my big chop date. I often forget, I say around two months because I'm not too sure the exact date. Still trying to figure out the needs of my natural hair. I think I will keep it slightly stretched because I learned the hard way that my hair can become dry and extremely tangled (extremely) when I do nothing after washing and conditioning it.

New hair, same issue. Finding the perfect moisturizer. Right now, I use Matrix Conditioning Balm to pre-poo, over-night condition and leave-in. I bought it when I was deep into my transition (lol 6 months deep) and I didn't care for it to provide much moisture to my hair. But now, I make great use of it with my current hair.

Here's my hair after stretching for a couple of hours. Huge twists and some Ouch-less scrunchies. I don't twist or band my hair to the ends because I love the curly ends. Oh and after the trip to the barber, washing my hair and detangling has been oh so easy. Those ends were tired.

This is my hair. I think there's some henna
in it, not sure about my natural brown anymore
Slightly stretched texture shot

5 days to get ready for my Izzy's visit. So excited! *throws confetti*

Has anyone been to Georgia?
Any winning moisturizers?
Peace & Love,

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October- Shape-Up at Barbershop/Changes

      Changes are coming. I'm feeling a little inspired. I just cut my hair and I am still very lost with it so I find it hard to write about. I also want to blog about moving to a new city and in order to do that, I need to explore. I've volunteered for three organizations, just trying to find the right fit. The weather has been great here in the southeast. More to come! Enjoy some pictures!
The day before my shape-up. Random pic of ice-cream
 from a festival this past weekend.
In the car right after the cut. Big hair, don't care?
Really, really old school

The next morning, I appreciated my cut even more.

Any barbershop goers in the house? 
Peace and Love

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Seven Month Transition- BIG CHOP!!!

I just love this shirt! Wacky twist-out, I love it too!

     After seven months of going without a relaxer, is it still a big chop? No matter, my relaxed and texlax hair are all gone! I carried on for a two weeks, begging my fiance to cut my hair and then chickening out. Of course I couldn't cut it myself and I really didn't want to. He took his time, went section by section and cut appropriately. He likes the cut and I like that he likes it. I feel flipping great and proud of hair, it's been a while since I enjoyed my hair.

     It's been about two months since I blogged. I have  moved cross-country, got engaged (!!!) and finished my Master's!!! I've been down south for a month and slowly but surely getting used to things. I'm trying to figure out what I should volunteer for and what organizations to join while on the hunt for a job/career (preferably HR Admin Assistant to start)

      I thought it would be a good idea to cut my hair now because I do have free time on my hands at the moment. Lots of compliments and the ones who don't like it, don't say anything for now. I wasn't really shocked about my short hair. I kinda think I pull it off pretty well. After my cut, I green-housed over night and I put twists in my hair the next day for a twist-out. Twist-out on my TWA, three-five inches of confused hair is a work in progressed. At night I gathered 10 chunks of hair and slipped an Ouchless scunchie over each chunk. I refuse to re-twist every night (for now).

      I am eager to try out all types of hair styles. I really can't believe I was scared to cut my hair. The thought of it literally made my pulse speed up. I drove myself nuts. I wish I had cut sooner but either way I am happy. 

The next morning hair still in big bunches. Edges
laid with just my scarf and water.
That's all for now
Peace and Love