Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Moisture/Protective Style/Scab Hair?

      I'm excited this year because I will be spending the winter in the south. Slightly warmer than what I am used to. Two things: I can't stop playing in my hair, specifically the damaged area. The area that started the downfall of my relaxed hair. The second thing: Perhaps I'm using too much protein? The touching of my hair...I don't know how to stop, even when I don't do it, I don't feel proud just the same when I do play in my hair, I don't feel guilty. I think I'm being careful...but that can't be right. The only way I know how to combat this issue is by protective styling. However, I just need to stop because once the protective styling is done, I'll be back at it. I always do learn things the hard way. Perhaps if I get a bald spot, then I'll stop? Let's not let it come to that. 
The left side is damaged and it is shortest. Measuring
about 4 inches compared to 6-8 inches all over my head.

      I know the pic makes me look crazy because my hair looks uniform but it is not. I want to leave my hair alone and just keep trimming till everything matches. January twenty-something makes 12 months no relaxer. My hair grows a decent amount so 4 inches makes no sense. Granted I have been snipping those stupid single strand knots and splits. I am sad about this stubborn section. It may be from years and years of relaxing...scab hair? Fine, whatever it is, it needs to change. I thought cutting my hair would cure all my issues...>_>. I see kinky twists and unused protein products in my immediate future. More water in my body fo'sure.

Peace & love
Ever heard of scab hair? 


  1. Aww Aku...I have heard of scab hair but have never really researched much into it, do you think it could be scab hair? From the picture you couldn't tell, but it you are noticing something then you can act on it, I swear our hair has a mind of it's own. I have found that PS my hair has helped me to keep away from touching the back area of my hair, which is my problem area. Keep strong!

    1. Thank you gurl! It really does have a mind of its own. Not much research on scab hair, but something is off in that one section.

  2. Your hair looked great to me (pre and post big chop). But you know your own hair better than anyone. I'm having the same issue with not being able to keep my hands off my nape hair. It's like I'm feeling for problems which is probably making things worse. Protective styling could be the best solution...AND water. I've been trying to increase my water intake as well. It will get better for you, just takes a little discipline! :)

    1. Lol that picture doesn't do much for my arguement. One more vote for PS, now all I need to do is sit down and style. Good luck on your water intake.