Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Curl Enchancing Smoothie/ Curlformer Dupes

        Last week, I YouTubed Curl Enhancing Smoothie Wash'n Go and I found a video of a YouTuber who doused her co-washed wet hair with the smoothie. She hopped out the shower and diffused her hair without any other product and she was loving the results. Her hair was nice and defined and no gel was used. I had no idea what to do with my hair. Last month I bought pretend Curlformers. I loved them but they took longer than I imagined. I ended up  pulling my hair back with a large claw clip thingy and I quickly reverted my hair to a semi-natural (3rd pic) state with water and Aussie Conditioner once the day was over.

Got this sweatshirt last year in NY!

Reverted hair
 So I didn't want to do the curlformers agian and I didn't want to douse my hair in gel. So I thought the Curl Enhancing Smoothie wash'n go would be great. It was cool for a day but soon I realized my hair wasn't feeling it. I was not like the girl in the video. I had knots everywhere and my hair felt gross and I believe it was all the protein. Not sure but I won't do it again. 

I have a flight for NY coming up this month...the last time my natural hair was in NY, it was not good. It was so off, granted I brought almost no products thus making my hair life sucky. NY for Thanksgiving was tough and my hair was the icing on the cake. We shall cross that bridge when we get to it. This week I will be attending a Christmas Party for my fiance's squad. 

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HAIR. Do I have time to try curlformers again, will a wash'n go suffice? I have been YouTubing and I'd like to do an up-do, lol yes my hair is so short, what can I possibly be talking about. I have a few things in mind. Plus when my hair is super stretched I can pull it into a ponytail.

Peace & Love
Is the Holiday Season getting to anyone else? So many things to do


  1. 1. I am super jealous of your 'Surfboard' sweatshirt, 2.Have you tried mini twists? They would be great if your going up north, that way you won't have to fuss with your hair 3. I am already over the holidays

    1. Hello Harlem, that is definitely one of my favorite sweatshirts. I've never tried mini twists but I have been meaning to protective style my hair, huge thank you for the idea! Now is the time!

  2. I bet you could do a really cute updo with the curl former dupes. Your hair looked really cute pulled back with the clip too.

    1. Thank you Andrea. The holiday party hair...let's just say there's always next year lol