Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hair Failure

      I titled this blog "Hair Failure" because I leave for NY in two days and my hair is lacking mini twists. I started them but failed to finish. The week was a little stressful and busy. Or I just wasn't committed as my sister would say. Here's a picture of the few I completed. 
I ended up taking them out after two days of no progress. While they were in, I had my hair in a puff. 

Another hair failure was my up-do for the holiday party. I had no time to put curlformers in my hair and dry them before styling so I settled on something very easy. I did a high puff with three twists in the front. Nothing fancy. 

I hope everyone's holiday is going well. 
Love and Peace


  1. I understand your pain. I love me some mini twists but if you're not in the mindset to complete the task or time just gets away from you----you're screwed! LOL.

    My last set was probably a year ago and it took me 2 days to complete. An hour here---an hour there...luckily, I'd started on the perimeter, so I was able to just throw my hair up into a bun until I finished the rest.

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Yea my mindset was completely off. Can't do a bun yet, waiting for it lol.

  2. Mini twists is definitely a time commitment! I am the one to suck it up and spend a Friday evening /late night putting them in because I don't like spending more than two days on a style. Doing the perimeter like KLP mentioned is a smart idea. I use that method when I install yarn wraps. But you still made lemonade out of your lemons. It's nice to have that fall back style. Happy holidays!

    1. Indeed! Happy Holidays to you too!!