Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Acrylics & Work

       This month started with a whole completely new schedule. Currently, I have two jobs. They just seem to happen at the same time. Several months I ago, I mentioned finding volunteer opportunities. I tried three places and one stuck. Long story short, the one that stuck ended up actually hiring me. Just when work was looking like a good schedule filler, I found a new hobby. Painting.
        Self-proclaimed artist over here. I picked up a brush and absolutely fell in love. It feels like I have been to the art stores every other day stocking up on supplies. I have been using YouTube to help me hone on my skills. I just love love love this Youtuber's videos, Cinnamon Cooney. Check out her Facebook and my pics below. Check-out my pictures.  

Cinnamon Cooney- Van Gogh inspired

Different Youtuber helped with this one

My brushes and such

     I've taken art classes in high school and undergrad but I never loved them and I guess I lost interest. Most of the supplies I had was from undergrad, glad I kept them. It's been a while since I had a hobby, I'm so happy I find enjoyment in mixing colors and painting for hours. 

Peace & Love

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