Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wash Day (12 Days Post)

        So I eventually I began to enjoy my super flat ironed hair. I put my hair in my favorite super super super high bun, gosh I miss those. So after the wash, I learned a hair didn't fix my problems. Damaged hair is damaged hair. Guys I'm so over my hair, I don't get much joy blogging about it or tracking how it's doing. My nape is shot, it'll take a year to grow it all out blah blah blah (I decided to write this post a day later because I though I would have better feelings toward my hair, lawlz).

Yesterday I-

ORS Creamy Aloe Clarified---> KeraPro and AgeBeautiful Deep Conditioned--->Oil rinsed--->Aphogee

Keratin and Green Tea spray--->Lightly applied Lacio Lacio Protein leave-in---> T-shirt dried---> more oil

and leave-in (focusing on the back)--->detangled (took 30 minutes if that)--->Cool air tension method really  fast

This is with deep conditioner
overprocessed, heat damage
         As I was washing my hair and detangling, I was happy about the cut, made things a little easier. I couldn't figure out how to put my big hair up at night. I don't was to bother the nape, so I put two twists in the back and bunned the rest of my hair, I clipped the two twists like a cross-wrap, shaking my head, I was tired. The back is so short but I knew more was cut back there.
This nasty habit of touching my damaged

Why did you guys allow me to cut my hair!? I'm just kidding, it's no big deal,
(and I was told not to cut a number of times)
length check?  LOL, NO :)
         Okay so when was the last time I enjoyed writing about my hair?! Possibly Christmas and before that? Why did I start blogging? It was a way for people to keep up with me, I could easily track how my hair was doing and I had a lot of free time. With that being said, I'm going to take perhaps a month off, I will not pay my hair too much attention. Focusing on it makes it bigger than it is. I will, however, continue to check out everyone else's blogs, comment and post about things I'm doing. A month not about my hair? Sounds like a challenge.  

Peace & Love
3 and a half more weeks of my winter session!


  1. Aww Aku, Your hair is thick don't give up on it just yet. Have you tried you tried using more moisture or maybe protective styling more.

    1. Hey Frankie,
      I'm not giving up but I am over the joys of my hair at the moment. I think I want to install some twists after 12 weeks, just a thought.

  2. Aku! I'm sorry you've got hair blues! I was actually going to suggest you get braids or twists, too. I was SO over my hair before I got mine installed. Although it wasn't because of damage, I just wanted to get a drastic cut. I think it was all the daily maintenance coupled with life, I don't know. Either way, it really helped me to just have a BREAK from my hair. I started to miss it! So, do whatever you need to do to get yourself over this hump. You have such a beautiful head of thick hair, I'm sure it will be growing back and bringing you joy again soon! :)

  3. I agree with Melanie I think a break from your hair could do you some good.

  4. Aww... I agree with the other ladies a break is what you need. I totally get you, because my back hair is so much like your back hair and I just dont get it. I have been forcusing more on my exercise and cooking and wash my hair once a week and then its in a ps all week long. I think length checks should also be cut, I swear I feel like dying when my hair hasn't made the progress I was hoping for. So breath, keep away from the scissor and as melanie said might be worth getting a long term ps. It will get better!

  5. Hey ladies!
    Le Sigh. I haven't had braids or twists in my hair for over 13 years. I am concerned of how it will suit me, also I just spent money on the touch up and cut :( but I will contact my stylist and ask her about installing some twists soon (she is going to be thrilled). Ladies thanks so much for the advice, it's really appreciated.

  6. I totally get how you feel, listen to the other ladies and just cover it up for a while.