Friday, February 21, 2014

Does Anyone Else Find Gyms Intimidating?

      Le Sigh, it's not that I am scared to work out but when I walk into a Crossfit gym filled with bars, weights, weird machines not found in other gyms and other people who clearly know how to use these items, I get a sense of "perhaps I should've worked out at home." BUT NO! I do know how to use the machines.

      I found kickboxing class a little scary because I was so concerned with keeping up with the others. But it is not a competition (only in my head) and you really get out what you put in. My last kickboxing class is sometime next week, I'm not that sad but working out with others really motivates you to keep moving. The voice in my head that tells me to keep pushing is going to have to be a little louder once class is over.

       Last week I went back to CrossFit and brought out my yoga mat at home. I lost some flexibility, the little stretching I do before working out is not enough for me. I started with this yoga video then went on to a stretching video.

Dead-lift old max 170 lbs brought it up to 180 but I'm back
at 170 now
       I finally went to the weight-room at my school. I haven't done CrossFit for so long now, I tried to go in and do what I normally did but I lost some strength. My favorite CrossFit exercise is called a dead-lift. That was the first thing I proceeded to do and went straight to my max; the bar didn't budge so I took it down some. It's all good because it motivates me to get back to where I was.
Can you see the definition?!

Typical look before heading out to the gym
       My goals include:

  • Put on at least 10 more pounds of muscle
  • Develop a killer bod (even more than it already is, I kid, lol)
  • Increase my strength 
  • Increase stamina and endurance
        I want to feel energized and far from lazy. Overall, I want to be healthy, with health everything else falls into place. The closer I get to my goals, the less intimidating the gym will be. Another goal is to participate in more runs/races. I am so excited for things to come this year, I see many random runs/races in my future.

Fitness Friday

What is your favorite workout/exercise?
What are your goals?

I wish peace and love to everyone xoxo


  1. This was a great post Aku! you said exactly what I was telling my self just a few days ago. I want to get my body fit, my overall health in check, and I want to "feel energized". I feel so sluggish most days. I once worked up to doing 3 to 4 pull-ups starting at 0. Wanted to work up to 10. Now I'm back to 0 again. Lol I can't even do a half of a pull up now. I think you've given me some extra motivation! :)

    1. Hey Andrea!
      I'm glad to hear you feel some extra motivation! Reading your comment, I think I will put my pull-up out and see how much work I need to do. I'll be lucky if I do one lol.

  2. I love hearing about chicas that lift weights! Yes, its a little scary and a bit intimidating at first. But you totally can do it! And you'll look uber sexy when it's done! Get it Aku!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. I love weight training! Thanks girl!

  3. I am completely and utterly jealous of this entire post! I need to get like you ASAP!!!

    1. HAhaha Brit, I really love CrossFit, glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. The weights room can be intimidating but it's all about going in and doing what you need to do. Your arms are pretty damn toned!

    1. Hello Maureen,
      Before I go in, I make sure I have a game plan because then I'll just do a lot of standing around. Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Ma'am you failed to mention the man that taught you how to be a crossfitter... no love...