Thursday, March 6, 2014

Protective Styling Over Here- Too Many Meltdowns

That whole bottom left, just gone, SHOT!
       It seemed I had a hair meltdown at least twice a week. Usually the day after I had a wash day. Unnecessary tears, lots of things not getting done, lots of frustration. My hair was taking over. It had to stop, seriously, hair should be enjoyed. 
         I would never call myself adventurous when it came to hair, a cut here and there but that's about it. One late night it hit me and I decided to install my own protective style. Of course there were blogs and videos for days on the topic. I learned so much about twists, Marley twist, Havana twists, Senegalese twists. I scrolled through endless pics and fell in love. 
         Originally I wanted Havana twists, read the cons and then decided Marley twists.i wanted instant gratification but when I got to the store they only had 100% Jumbo braid hair. "Don't fret Aku, we can use this for jumbo Senegalese twists." I bought 5 packs and I finally purchased my Beautiful Texture Curl Control Defining Pudding(you guys remember that twist-out in New York, LAID).

       All month I've been focusing on moisture, moisture, moisture. I did do one protein treatment I believe, I don't know who's tracking? I green housed a lot. The night before the installation I clarified with ORS Creamy Aloe. I did an overnight DC with ORS Replenishing Pak. I wasn't heavy handed at all because I don't want any build up. Washed it out with some ACV to be more thorough. Moisturized and sealed. Cool-air tension method and detangled. The night before I also sprayed the extensions with one part ACV and one part water, I read the extensions have something on them that makes people itch like crazy. 

          After hours of researching I learned two ways to put the twist in and how to feather the extensions. I didn't think featuring was necessary and I was so eager to begin, I ended up doing those parts over with better feathered hair. I like the invisible method for installing the hair, It took hours to perfect though. Tuesday I worked on my hair for 10 hours. Wednesday another 5. This duration will never happen again, it was my first time so I was okay with how long it took. 

For the installation I used-

  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Beautiful Texture with water
  • Water and Avocado mix
       Wednesday was definitely better than Tuesday. I got the installation down much better so I redid a lot from the day before. 
       Slacking on my work-out routine but I won't let these jumbo twist stop me. The researching late at night and installing late at night, not my best working out week at all. 

            I was so eager to put this post up, mistakes and all, poor pictures I know I know. I didn't want to pull my camera out. But I will be back for more updates. 

Peace and Love


  1. How cute! I've been crushing on marley twists for months!!!!!! It's just that install time and not being able to touch my hair when I wanna touch my hair that keeps me from taking the plunge. These look great on you!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks KLP! The install time was long but so far it feels so worth it! Lol I don't want to touch my hair.

  2. This is an amazing self installation attempt! Love them!