Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Life Now: Short Natural Hair

        I woke up this morning, and thought about my current life situation and my hair crossed my mind. I also woke up and decided to watch some YouTube videos. It can be a guilty pleasure at times. I stumbled upon NaturallyNellzy. I like her talks about random stuff more than hair stuff (maybe hair stuff later). She said something about women with short hair being the most confident, something of the sorts. I've heard others mention how much guts and confidence it takes to walk around with natural short hair. Frankly, I was very concerned about having short hair. I jokingly say that I have "no hair"(some call me dramatic). 

        I've been out and about this past week with my sister. Some days I am conscious about my hair and sometimes I am confident about it. When I am getting ready to go out, I absolutely love my hair. I simply take my bonnet off moisturize, seal and go outside. When I am conscious, I think about how people see my hair and what they wonder about it. I never put too much thought into wondering these things because my hair was one way, a more easily accepted way according to this society. But now my hair is kinky, curly, tightly packed at times, it grows up and out. Anyways I wonder these things. 
An empty 
Everyday style for the
past week
       I am not quite sure if this hair fits me, personally, I think it's very fitting on me. I don't know, short hair can't work for everyone but I think it's working for me?  Maybe grown out hair will be my look? So, I have to try it before I stick with short. The goal is to grow my hair out so...not sure. I think the consciousness will pass, but it comes up a lot in my head when I have interviews. Especially since I want to work one-on-one with people because I'm convinced I'm a people person (I am). I obviously don't want to work with or for anyone who finds my appearance not up their "standards." I would hate for that to be a reason not to get a job but we live in funny times. Some looks are more acceptable than others, you guys already know. I love my hair but I'd be silly to think everyone else will like it and that's the thing, will my life be different because of hair? All I know is, if someone doesn't like it, kindly get over yourself, especially in a work setting.  

      I am natural, look at that. The best thing has to be not getting or planning a relaxer touch-up. I always knew that I did not want to be relaxing my hair for years and years to come, I did not want to spend money on relaxers and the amount of money I have already spent on relaxers!!! Gee Willerkers. I say all this to say, I do think short hair requires some form of confidence, whether you don't care what anyone thinks or you know you look great. 

Anyways, just some thoughts. Posts on my sisters visit/East Georgia exploration coming soon.
Peace and Love 


  1. Its good to see that your getting used to your natural hair. I hope society grows accustomed to natural hair as well, but I think that starts with us as black people
    Have you tried any hairstyles or do you just wear your hair one way?

    1. Hey Harlem,
      Thank you for visiting! I have tried different styles, when I cut my hair, every week I was doing something. Twist-outs, Bantu knots, flat-twists. They all look crazy on me. Sometimes, I'd do a flat twist crown, usually for interviews. I hope society grows accustomed to it as well.

  2. Great post! And I agree that short hair means a confident woman because a lot of women tend to cling to their hair (me included. lol). I'm about 8 months post relaxer(I think) and I keep going back and forth about whether am transitioning and wondering what people in would think of my hair (in the work place) if I started to wear my hair in it's natural state. It sucks that we even feel we have to consider this since this is how our hair grows out of our head. I do feel like times are changing(slowly but surely). I think it will get better.
    By the way, I hope you and your sis have loads of fun during her visit! :)

    1. Hey Andrea! Yes, I worried a lot as well, but my hair was really botherdome to me during my transition. I wish we didn't have to put too much thought into cutting hair, but it happens. The visit post is coming up soon! Nice to hear from you!