Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Very Own Bucket list

I'm on a few journeys. Healthy Hair Journey. Internal Peace Journey. Self-Actualization Journey. Life Journey. Just to name a few

My Bucket-list is part of all my journeys...for now
Of course this isn't a complete list
Duration: A life-time (before I turn 30?)

  1. Cross-country road trip
  2. Create a blog
  3. Attend an NBA playoff game
  4. Solo Travel in the USA
  5. Solo Travel to a different country
  6. Receive my Master's
  7. Attend FIFA World Cup
  8. Attend a football game
  9. Camp (?)
  10. Learn another language or two
  11. Learn to surf (preferably in Hawaii)
  12. Start a flower garden- I'm working on it...
  13. Shave my head? 
  14. ...

What does your bucket-list consist of? 

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