Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fun With Flexi-rods, Chelators and Ceramides!

For the past two weeks, I've been conducting a clarifying vs. chelating experiment. I relaxed my hair with a no-lye relaxer, this relaxer requires some serious chelating before the next relaxer. I researched and researched and found out clarifying and chelating are not the same, first hand. 

But why? They both contain EDTA. My guess is chelators have a higher concentrate of EDTA. Side-note,  I found EDTA in my Powerade.

Clarifying products remove product build-up and chelators remove minerals and chemical build-up. Chelators can clarify, clarifies don't chelate. Oh I learned first-hand. In 2012, my stylist swore she used ORS no-lye, but my hair has never felt this horrible before and I know it's because of the calcium build-up no-lye leaves in your hair. 

In order to chelate, I needed a product with EDTA. Cool, I had plenty, Ultra Swim and Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo. I really didn't want to buy more products and these items already had EDTA. My hair felt clean but a few days later...I had t co-wash. I've probably co-washed 3 times this year. My hair was a mess, I was scared to blog about it. 

It seems I brought my hair stash to about 10 items...however, I've added ORS Creamy Aloe ShampooGVP Moisturizing Conditioner (Nexxus Humectress) and a 32 oz. bottle of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. Three new items and I want to add avocado oil to my stash. Sigh, but I needed these items. Is that what we tell ourselves when we buy hair products?

Firstly, I knew one day I had to buy ORS Creamy Aloe. Secondly, this past week I was introduced to ceramides. Again I researched and researched. I found the scientific name(2-oleamido or 1-3 octadecanedioand checked my stash. No luck. Also I learned companies have different names for ceramides. This product I wanted contains Ceramide 3.

So off to to Sally's I went. I've used Nexxus Humectress before and I loved it years ago, so I decided to try the Sally version because I couldn't find the trail size (I love trail size hair products).
This wash I kept it oh so simple-
  1. Shampoo with ORS Creamy Aloe
  2. Deep Conditioned with GVP Moisturizing Conditioner (sunk into my damp hair, sealed with grapeseed oil)
  3. T-shirt dry
  4. Giovanni Direct Leave-in and sealed it with grape seed oil(ceramide).
  5. Six purple flexi-rods, two grey flexi-rods overnight.
I have a flight to Orlando Sunday night. I will be out galavanting for two weeks. I can't ignore more hair for that long. There will be pools, humidity and parties! For my extended vacation (2 weeks) I packed-
  1. StyleHouse Curling/Flat Iron
  2. Ion Guard heat protectant
  3. Hello Hydration
  4. Flexi-rods
  5. KeraPro Restorative Treatment
  6. Giovanni Direct Leave-in
No shampoo, risky? No. I have apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle!!! Plus I'm sure the hotels will have some stripping shampoo.  I'll probably shampoo once when I deep condition. JUST CO-WASH ALL DAY! NO HEAT STYLES! 

What are your thoughts on ceramides? Flexi-rods? Chelators?


  1. Ceramides- Not on the bandwagon yet.
    Flexi-rods- I have every color under the rainbow and still can't convince myself to use them consistently
    Chelators- I've used Kenra Cheleating for years now. It great for after post-no lye relaxer touch ups and clarifying.

    Have a great vacay! #teamnoheat

    1. Thanks KPL! My hair was in shambles, I didn't even want to blog about it. My search led me to ceramides and why not? Lol I still can't do Bantu knots, so I'm sticking to my flexi-rods!

  2. Ceramides are amazing for my hair. I really like safflower seed oil. It leaves my hair super smooth and soft. I use flexi rods for my twist outs but I have yet to use them for an actual flexi rod set. I plan to do one soon. I LOVE ORS creamy aloe shampoo. It gets my hair super clean without totally stripping the crap out of my hair. It is the only chelating/clarifying shampoo I will use. enjoy your vacation!

    1. Yes Girl! I actually decided to bring 2 oz. of my GVP conditioner along with hello hydration. ORS Creamy Aloe, idk why I never bought it earlier, I've always loved it.

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