Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hair Breaking Point

Hair breaking point, the light in your head that goes off saying "You don't have to do this to your hair."

Do you remember how bummed I was about my hair last month? Shaking my head, I absolutely hated the difference between my underprocessed hair and the straight half. I wasn't sure if I reached that breaking point. That point where seriously I'm so over relaxers and texlaxing. Perhaps it's because I tend to over-think.

I personally know a few people who have big chopped. One was so angry after a trip to the salon gone bad, she chopped off her hair after some weeks. She had hair much longer than mine. I wondered what was going through her mind, I wonder how that breaking point felt once reached. It's been a month and I'm no longer that bummed. I'm even enjoying the texture and rethinking the corrective texlax. 

Sometimes I feel like other people like my hair more than I like my hair. Those are the people I tell "I'm cutting my hair off." Of course they object. I've been talking that junk for months maybe years. When I really think about it, would I actually big chop? My hair has always been at least neck length. Even before my first relaxer, my hair was bountiful (I wish I had a picture.) The lady who did my hair had her work cut out for her.

Sometimes I wonder why I didn't stop her for putting that relaxer in. It was my fifth grade graduation gift, a relaxer. Shaking my head. I wanted one so bad because having my mom do my hair every week was painful. Either my cousin braided it, I had extensions but most likely the hot comb :(( She did her best with what she had. Had we both known what to do with my hair, I'm sure my hair situation would be different.

Yesterday I found myself watching Naptural85 hair videos. I stumble upon them once in a while. She has such lovely hair. But I think, would I want that everyday? Maybe half the time. OMG BUT IT'S YOUR NATURAL HAIR! I have friends who aren't black or African American and they chemically straighten their hair. No one makes them feel like it's wrong. But I'm sure you've all seen the debate in the black community. This is the hair that grows out of my hair but lets separate women some more and talk about hair texture. Shaking my head.  Anyways, I love big hair. I love natural hair, I love thick relaxed hair I even love a good a weave. 

Anyways, I'm not sure how the hair breaking point feels. At the end of the day I do love my hair. But when it comes to big decisions, I always over-think and wait 30 days to see how I feel. If I did reach the breaking point, I would've got rid of my hair already, right? No, I am however toying with the idea of never applying a relaxer to my hair. This year with my hair has been up and down. Hard water, stress, severely underprocessing twice! I don't mind not being 'natural' but I do mind worrying about what I'll do for my touch-up. I know I'm new to the self touch-up game, I can't give up just yet... I CAN'T QUIT!

To keep myself motivated I enjoy watching Prettywitty77 and thehappyhairshow. Although I don't think they have the same hair as me, I just love their hair!!! These ladies tend to their own hair and they also have up and downs. I think I will stretch my normal 7-11 week stretch and see how I feel then. 

I hope I'm allowed to use this video.

Just some thoughts. I can talk for days, but I won't haha


  1. Remember when Angela Bassets character Bernadine cut off all her hair in Waiting to Exhale? That was a breaking point! Ha-ha. I think that you might be almost frustrated enough for a change but you're scared. I totally think that you should give yourself more time to figure out which way to go then just go with your gut chica!

    Buena Suerte

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Lol Waiting to Exhale. I feel like the more time I give myself the more damage I do. Two years from now hopefully I will laugh at this. Thanks KLP because I am really frustrated.