Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wash Day-Banana Deep Conditioner and Miracle 7 Leave-in

        Hi readers, I know It's been a while. Last month of school,trying to buckle down along with socializing with others. So it's been 10 days since I blogged and I went 10 without washing my hair. OHHHHH I KNOWWW JUST GROSS, but it really wasn't, it was a nice little stretch. Last wash (a few days ago) I used my Giovanni Smooth as Silk product line. I tea rinsed, banana to deep condition and I used a new leave-in.
Giovanni on deck plus water for the shampoo
and my lovely pineapple black tea.
Sally's gave me this sample
size leave-in
Here I am with banana in my hair, nbd

Dried and detangled. These ends have to go!
I'm thinking a good 2-3 in cut. I'm a little
scissor happy. 
The next day I put 6 flexirods in after
moisturing and sealing. 
I just wanted to cut that last section off.
Not sure why I banded my hair,
 it ended up in a bun.
Wednesday I put 5 flexirods in (for 2 hours)
but this time I used my 
LottaBody Setting Lotion.
Love this product.
      So a while back, I was in Sally's, and the girls gave me a sample size of Miracle 7 Leave-in Mist. I was skeptical but I must say I liked it BUT I only used it once. It has a creamy watery texture and the first ingredient is water. So I used it to detangle and used my Giovanni Leave-in plus water to moisturize my hair daily. 
       I blended a banana and some water, strained the mixture and applied it from root to tip. I actually made two mixtures that day, I spilled the first all over my cloths and floor. No use crying over spilled banana. Sat under my dryer with the banana mixture for less than an hour **Update**alternating between the warm setting and the cool setting** As I was washing it out, I was like "OMG I love how my hair feels. I must write about this!" Then I came out the shower to see the banana didn't wash off as well as I thought. So I went back in. **Next time I may skip the dryer**

        Sigh, I loved what the banana did (moisture to my dry roots and made my hair feel softer and I think I noticed a little shine) but I found hair strands that still had banana mix in them. If you Google banana in hair, there are tons of distraught women who couldn't remove the banana chunks for days. So I considered myself lucky. Next time I will blend the mixture longer and I won't force all the banana bits through the strainer. 
        I need a deep conditioner, I've been avoiding it because I still have a lot of my Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, but I don't want it anymore! I believe I am six weeks post, two more weeks to think about what to do with this hair. 

        Has anyone tried Silk Elements MegaSilk Relaxer? The reviews are awesome. That may be my next buy, plus KeraPro Restorative Treatment, new applicator bottle, castor oil and a seamless comb. I have been literally fiending (feening) for castor oil. I want to see the effects in action!

        I hope everyone is well! The weekend is here, have a great one!


  1. Loving your BIG BAD flexirod curls! Super cute!

    Stop beating up your ends! They really don't look that bad! A light dusting (think less than an inch) would probably even things out.

    If the banana deep conditioner worked the first time---you should totally do it again. Maybe with an overripe (think brown on the outside) super mushy banana and some oil.

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks Girl!

      You are being too nice to my ends. Plus with all the breakage I had, I think I need a cut.

      I forgot to pick up bananas on my last trip to the grocery store :(

  2. love your hair!!
    i totally agree with the banana making hair soft. you can blend the banana and later pour in a sieve to prevent lumps getting stuck in your hair.

    1. Thank you! I love your name by the way!

  3. Wait you sat with the banana under your dryer? That means it cooked in your hair that is probably why it was so hard to wash off. Fresh food DCs when used with heat will cook in your hair that is why if you use a produce like egg in your mixture you are advised to rinse it off with cold water first then warm otherwise if you rinse first with hot/warm water it's gonna boil in your hair and you will end up with little white specks of boiled egg all over your hair. So my advise would be to never use heat of any kind even when using fresh food based DCs. Just cover your hair with a shower/plastic cup and sit around in doing other stuff until you are ready to rinse.

    1. Hi LYDZ,
      Maybe I should have clarified more. It wasn't that hard to wash off, I actually considered myself lucky. My dryer wasn't on high and I alternated it from warm to cool. I wanted to open my hair shaft and seal in the banana. Plus I think the water I added to the mix helped a lot. I will update my blog. Thanks for the tips!

    2. I definitely will be clarifying next wash!