Monday, October 14, 2013

How Did I Forget About Protein Treatments?

     I've only done two hard protein treatments this year. And I can't believe I forgot how much I love Aphogee Two-Step! I've been moisture focus and touch-up focused it slipped my mind.   

Just a few of the products I used for the wash day.
Shampoo, deep condition and leave-ins  are missing. 
Hair with Aphogee Protein two-Step
Hair after DC, shampoo and tea rinse. I gathered up the
trouble area with my plastic hair clip
  1. I detangled and deep conditioned (or prepooed) my hair with ORS Replenishing Conditioner for two hours in four twists. 
  2. I put Miss Jessie Slip Sudsy shampoo in an applicator bottle with water and washed my scalp, roots and hair. 
  3. Hopped in the shower to wash everything out. Added a little more Miss Jessie. 
  4. Tea rinsed with this wonderful Pineapple tea. A gift from Hawaii. 
  5. Towel dried my hair and generously sprayed my Aphogee Two-Step all over my hair. 
  6. With the help of my blow dryer, my hair got hard. I follow my hard protein treatment instructions to the T! Please please do the same. I never had an issue but I always followed hard protein directions.
  7. Hopped in the shower and stood under my filtered shower head and applied the Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer. It lathered pretty well rinsed. 
  8. For some reason I decided to add GVP Humectress Conditioner. Idk no why. 
  9. Hopped out the shower, towel dried, then tee shirt dried for a half hour
  10. Applied Giovanni leave-in and Organix Coconut anti-breakage serum (a little too much) and proceeded to air dry. 
  11. I didn't detangle until the next morning. I actually got my wide tooth through my hair with minimal shedding. The breakage has halted. I rarely use a comb to detangle because I feel it actually causes unnecessay breakage.

    I love leaving my hair in tee shirts but I 'm afraid I
    have to cut down on the time. I think I
    let my hair sit in a tee too long.

 The picture of the back of my hair, is hard to look at. Definitely didn't want to put it up. Alas my hair is not perfect and I look forward to my comeback. 

Wore my hair down twice :( . I moisture and seal every day. Giovanni mixed with water and grape seed to seal. Massage my scalp every other day. Bun and scarf my hair for bed. 

I actually don't know what I'll do next wash.  I am so glad I used Aphogee this wash. I wished I used it sooner.
I will probably continue to wash my hair the way I did it in the video (which was last week's wash day)

Readers did I go picture crazy? I need to find the happy-medium.


  1. I have yet to do a hard protein treatment. I'm still afraid of potential disaster. I keep imaging that my hair will start crumbling to pieces in my fingertips. LOL!

    And no you are not going pic crazy. Everyone loves pics! :-D

    1. I try not to recommend it bc I've horror stories but I really do love Aphogee Two Step and my hair takes well to protein (95% of the time).

      Good to hear the pictures aren't too much!

  2. I love a good pic heavy post!

    I'm so happy that the protein treatment helped curb your breakage! Woot! I do a hard protein treatment at least once a month.

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. I love heavy pic posts too!

      Hmm every four weeks? I'm looking forward to my next one but Aphogee says every six weeks. Also I need to stop touching my hair bc that's when I see the most breakage.