Friday, September 13, 2013

Is Smoothie Season Over?

August was not my best smoothie month. I spent two weeks on vacation with no homemade smoothies. And September, I think my smoothie obsession has subsided. 

 Before I went away, I did some smoothie experimentation. I have a big packet of vanilla whey protein, that I'm supposed to take after my workouts. However, whey protein (in my opinion) is disgusting. Throw it in a smoothie! Great idea right? No, it was still gross. The first picture on the left is my tall glass of strawberry whey protein. It was so frothy and protein-y. YUCK. 

After vacation, I went to the grocery store and picked up:
  1. Light Yorgut
  2. Cut pineapples
  3. Cut cantaloup
  4. Kiwifruits
  5. Oranges 
  6. Bananas
Clearly I was going to have a smoothie party with myself. Recently I cut the amount of yogurt I use to about half and added more ice. I ended up eating the oranges and kiwifruits (sidenote* I think kiwifruits give me a bad acidic reaction, I can't figure it out but they are one of the most acidic fruits)

Cantaloupe, pineapple and bananas.

Found some frozen strawberries and tossed them in for one last strawberry infused smoothie.

So has anyone noticed the price of fruits lately? Strawberries are a dollar more and those are my favorite! The weather is changing, no doubt about that. Here in the Midwest, there's really only two seasons- summer and winter. I sooo miss the leaves in New York, I miss that whole scene. But this extended summer is not that bad. However, I'm ready for pumpkin flavored everything and hot chocolate!


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