Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wash Day with Homemade Avocado Deep Conditioner

*Long story short, I ended up re-deep conditioning my hair after this wash day*

       A friend mentioned that she used avocado to deep condition her hair. She only had great things to say about the homemade deep conditioner. It left her hair moisturized and it was natural. I did some research and watched a few YouTube videos. What's the worse that could happen? Let's get started!

I'm ready. Oh I went back to tea rinses, black tea
in my Tupperware. 
There are so many variations of avocado mix for the hair. Starting with one avocado and a teaspoon or tablespoon of olive oil. I decided to add more stuff to that mix, (Possible mistake number 1) I added a teaspoon of mayo and a dollop of GVP Moisturizing Conditioner. I mashed up the ingredients with a spoon (possible mistake number 2). 

I should've left the mix au natural and I should've blended the avocado!! I blend all my other fruits! OH EM GEE there were chunks of avocado all over the bathroom floor. I was not pleased but I kept matting the mix onto my hair. I put a plastic cap over it for two hours or so. I spent half the time under my hooded dryer and the other half without heat.

This is my hair with my avocado mix
My avocado mix

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Oh man, I didn't even want to think about washing my hair out. Side eye* I co-washed it out with GVP Moisturizing Conditioner. Towel dried my hair and I knew I didn't like the results. Immediately I wanted a leave-in that would sink into my hair (I don't have one, that's another post for another day). Maybe I didn't make a mistake with the avocado mix, I did use the ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo twice in August.

It wasn't the shampoo because the very next day I applied water and KeraPro Restorative Treatment to my dry hair, sat under my hooded dryer for an hour , washed it out and I felt like my hair was finally deep conditioned. Sadly I finished that $10 jar of DC. 

So I didn't get any great results from my avocado mix but I will try homemade avocado again. I can't knock it just yet. 

I am not a kitchenista...
Has anyone tried avocado or mayo in their hair?


  1. I use avocado a lot in my hair the trick is to use an overripe one and then blend it. Once blended I strain it using a sieve this way the fibres do not end up in my hair after rinsing. I have had fibres remain in my hair before which is not a problem if you plan to blow dry because they will fly away with the blow drying process but because I air dry most of the time these days I prefer to strain it before use. You can add extra ingredients to the avocado but make sure it is properly blended (and strained if you choose to) first before adding anything else

    1. Overripe! I purposely didn't let it get overly ripe and yes I will blend it next time. LYDZ I had fibers all over my hair. Thank you thank you so much for the advice.

  2. Overripe is the way to go. I've made an avocado & coconut Hair Conditioning Masque using an overripe avocado (mashed with a mortar and pestle), olive oil and coconut oil.

    I've never used mayo before.

    On the bright side, at least you finally got your hair conditioned. :) Next time will be better!

    KLP | SOS_Hair

    1. Hi KLP,
      Lol you're right at least I finally conditioned my hair! Overripe, I hope it doesn't have too bad of a smell