Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Think I Need to Meditate.

        I miss meditating. Who or what is stopping me? Myself, shame on me. It won't be like my last attempt. I feel like I just need to chill out more. I want to focus on building a legacy and on school. Lately, I've been out of focus. Stressing over the small things and it's been pouring into my relationships. My goal is to stop over over-thinking, so let's start today! 

                     Goals for life: 
  • Continue working-out (CrossFit, hey now!)
  • Continue drinking water
  • try and get a 4.0 
  • Meditate
  • Make everyday great
  • Develop mindfulness

"Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours"


  1. I'm with you, Aku. I'm having a hard time staying focused. Stressing out over the smallest things and I'm a big over-thinker. I've been procrastinating with studying for my next CPA exam coming up even though I know I need to get focused. I feel like my mind is so cluttered so I put things off so as not to think about it. Maybe I should try meditating too. Do you have a specific technique or do you know of anything I can try? I've never meditated before but have always felt like I should.

    1. I'm no guru but I have read a few things. Start off small. Take five minutes to focus on your breathing. Easier said than done. I like watching a candle flame flicker and I enjoy mantras like saying "everything is going to be alright" or "let go and let God" Check out this site if you have time

      Best of luck on your CPA exam

    2. Thanks! Going to check out this website now!

  2. We all need to sit back and relax a little from time to time, meditating is a great way to do that, it keeps us focus.

    1. Yea I miss it, I feel good knowing I meditated earlier.