Monday, December 16, 2013

Bantu Knots for New York!

       So I'm going to New York. I decided to wash and super deep condition my hair before my flight tomorrow. I was torn between flat ironing my tresses or doing a flexirod set OR Bantu knots. The commonality was I wanted my roots stretched.

       I opted for jumbo knots and I flat ironed the roots a half hour before I left. I will be in NY for almost two weeks. I CAN NOT WAIT TO BATHE IN SOFT WATER!

  •  This wash I prepooed
  • Clarified using ORS Creamy Aloe
  • Deep conditioned for at least three hours. Neutragena Hair Mask and a little KeraPro Restorative Treatment 
  • In the last 40 minutes, I added my Jazzing Clear Rinse. 
  • T-shirt dried for two hours or so
  • Giovanni Direct Leave-In and my oil mix to detangle. 
  • 40 minutes to detangle and my hair ball was small
  • Applied a few Bantu knots. I always accidentally made the knots bigger in the back. I always seem to do that,  I hate how the curls compare to the curls in the front. 
My curls look so luscious here
       Left them in over night and the back didn't dry completely. How do I salvage this? Loose bun. Before removing all the knots I sat under my heating cap for twenty minutes. 

      OMG if I knew I was going to New York this month, I would have went to the Dominicans to get my hair touched-up. I'm even debating on getting a corrective relaxer. It has been 4 weeks...I need a hair analysis because I don't know what to do.

     Lately I've been reading about women whose trouble area is their crown and the back of their hair has a life of it's own. I've even started saying the same thing about my hair. BUT I never had an issue with breakage or rough roots at the crown until I stopped getting my hair done at the salon.

      Yes, I wanted to be a DIY lady, but not at the cost of my hair. I honestly feel it's too late (here I go again), and I just have to suck it up and keep going with this self-texlax stuff.
This is my current stash, pre-New York! Shampoos to the left,conditioners in the middle, treatments next then leave-ins and serums. I finished and gave away many products this year. Down to 25 products give or take. Missing my staple
shampoo and a legit moisturizer. 

After two planes and a half hour car ride. My hair
was a wild mess. I didn't mind it at all, however it
was dry. Just dry, like I didn't deep condition
 for 3 hours. 
Can you all see how laid my hair was. LAID TO THE GWADS! Nov. 2012

        I need a moisturizer ASAP. It's cold out here. Last week my weather was a high of 20 and low single digits. The moment I leave, it's mid 40's and 30's all week. Now in New York it looks there will be two-four inches of snow tomorrow. Looks like a homework day to me. 

        Back to moisturizers, so far I have Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Hair Lotion, One 'n Only Argan Oil Curl Cream, Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker and Neutragena Triple Moisture Silk Touch. I want to buy them all! Going to pick up a liter of Giovanni shampoo from TJ Maxx. Perhaps I'll look into a holding product. 

What do you guys think about the moisturizers I chose?


  1. Why do you want to buy them all? thought you were trying to lighten your stash? lol

  2. The dry hair was as a result of cabin air. My friend who is an air hostess resorted to wearing weaves and wigs inflight for that very reason; dryness. Moisturizing and then bunning for the duration of the flight helps combat the dryness if you are brave enough you can tie a scarf inflight for maximum protection.

  3. I've tried NTM Leave in but found it more oily than moisturizing. Finding a good creamy leave-in is hard!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. Hi ladies!
    @Candice my current stash is light already lol! I know it could be lighter but I'm missing a few things. Also I made a mistake while typing, I meant to say "so far I have these moisturizers are on my to-buy list". Thanks for catching that.

    @LYDZ OMG YESSSS I actually remember reading that post on your blog. The first flight my hair was in a loose bun. The second (longer) flight I put my pashmina scarf over my hair because the lady next to me was getting her dandruff everywhere lol.

    @KLP I used it a lonnnnggggg time ago, but I'm glad you told me about it being more oily than water based. I really want a water based moisturizer, or maybe I think I need that but I really need oil...something to ponder for myself.

  5. I'm dealing with cold weather as well & I recently purchased Shea Moisture Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk( Walgreens) and my texlax ( about 8 inches) hair and new growth ( 11 weeks post) adores it while my relaxed ends also enjoy this product. It has enough moisturizing power for my new growth and textlaxed hair while not weighing my relaxed ends down ( I have about 6-7 inches of relaxed ends) I was using Palmers Olive Oil Formula Moisturizing Milk & it was too heavy for my new growth, texlaxed and relaxed ends.

    1. Hey Mally J,
      I used to use that Palmers Oil Moisturizer as well, it never felt right. Thanks for checking out my blog!