Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Aphogee 2-Step Protein Treatment

      Finally I gave my hair a hard protein treatment. No prepoo this time, I just wanted to get straight to the business. *Shampooed with Garnier Fructice Fortifying Shampoo. *I got out the shower and applied a good amount (I hope it was a good amount) of protein to my hair from root to tip section by section. Blow dried it on warm. And washed it out after a few more minutes. *Rinsed it out with Aphogee's Balancing Moisturizer. I think I hate this product. I didn't use much of it. *I got out the shower to apply my KeraPro Deep Restorative Treatment. Sat under my hooded dryer for 30-40 minutes. Rinsed it out. I wanted to try One n' only Argon Oil Cream Curl Leave-in (another item I picked up while in New York) but I was strongly advised against it. So I stuck with my Lacio Lacio Leave in and mixed it with KeraPro Deep Restorative Treatment. Sealed each section with my oil mix. I skipped t-shirt drying because it was so late. Put my hair in a wet bun with my scarf and went to bed.

      I used to this every other week back in 2010. I'd rotate with rollers. That's when my hair was superb. I know wet bunning is probably not good but it once worked for me. Almost 24 hours later my hair is very damp, I may skip detangling. It seems, I'm so over my hair for this week.

****Didn't skip detangling this week. Really tried to stretch out my mini fro at the back of my head. Added a little more conditioner and leave-in to the fight the dryness as I detangled.

I really loved how my hair felt with the deep conditioner in it. It felt thick and healthy.
Sigh. I'll keep you guys posted. 

Peace and love


  1. "I think I hate this product" lol that is how I feel about the Aphogee 2-step treatment. I have been thinking about doing a review since it is so popular and I used it for over a year. Hated the process, loved the results.

    1. Lol Melanie, I do like the Aphogee's hard protein, it's that balancing moisturizer I don't like. But the overall process is annoying.

  2. My hair doesn't like hard proteins, the Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor works well for me.

    1. Hey Girl!
      I like the 2 minute as well but I don't think my hair minds the hard protein.