Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Overnight Deep Condition and Oil Rinse

Two nights ago I clarified my hair using ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo. During my shower I towel wrapped my hair. When I was done I mixed my KeraPro, ORS Replenishing conditioner and AgeBeautiful together and carefully applied it to every inch of my hair. I focused on the back where breakage is still happening. 

This is deep conditioned saturated hair. 
Covered my hair with a shower cap and my new sleeping cap and went to bed(or pretended to go to bed). I loved how my hair felt when I washed it out 12 hours later. Rinse, rinse, rinse and squeeze out excess water and applied my oil mix from root to tip. 

The difference in the middle section compared
to my cooperative hair is mind blowing. 
Once I hoped out the shower, I towel dried very lightly (didn't want to lose the oil) and applied my Lacio Lacio protein leave-in. I t-shirt dried for an hour. Removed the t-shirt and added a little more leave-in. Separated my hair into three sections to try and keep my roots stretched. I didn't use a hair tie for the back because of how fragile it's been. I held it together with two plastic clips. After a while I pulled my blow dryer out to stretch out the roots at the back of my head even more. Cold air of course. I've taking a liking to this step. 

I've been thinking about cutting my hair, like a TWA, but I'm having so much trouble with the mini Afro in the back so what would I do if my whole head was an Afro. I digress. However, I am learning that keeping it stretched and moisturized is a must. 

I don't know what my next hair move is, but the longer I wait, the more the breakage continues. Perhaps the demarcation line can't hang and I need to relax it. I don't think I'll be doing my next relaxer, might have to hit up my old stylist. I'm afraid she'll say there's extensively damage or she could call me dramatic. After all it's just hair right?!
Deep conditioned on top and cold air tension method
 on the bottom

I really don't want a TWA. I'd much rather transition slowly, so perhaps no relaxer? My edges and nape are suffering, that's another post for a rainy hair. Idk if I was using the wrong brush or I over processed my hair but the damage is done. It's very easy to hide but I know it's there. But what about the hair that is thriving. The two front sections are seriously so nice, why should I punish them because other parts of my hair suck?

Also three nights before I washed my hair, I co-washed with Hello Hydration, it was a nice change. Did the same oil routine. I've been trying to incorporate LOC (liquid, oil, cream). I'm very much used to LCO but I like oil rinsing a lot. 

Four twists in the back and I'll probably keep
this loose bun in for two to three days. 

I did apply Organix Anti-breakage serum to the twists before I put them up. 
Hope everyone's New Year is off to great start!
Peace and Love 


  1. I have been having the same problem with the hair on the back. It is really suffering and really breaking. I think I might have to baby it more in the way you are working with yours. But it has definitely been due to texlaxing, and maybe not seeing it as well as I do my front hair. But don't TWA your hair, the back withh catch up with the rest.
    On another note, I have never tried oil rinses and this is definitely something I will be looking to try. Love all the pictures, really descriptive!

    1. Hey Yvonne,
      I appreciate your feedback a lot! No TWA but I made a hair appointment and I'm ready to shed some inches. I'll be checking for your oil rinse review.

  2. Sometimes breakage is like roaches. You kill one and another crawls out. But chin up chica, keep babying and loving on your hair. The back will catch up to the front and you'll be able to do your most perfect ridiculously cheesy happy dance!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands