Friday, January 3, 2014

First Post of 2014!

Hi guys!

      I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I ended up washing my hair New Year's Eve, no biggie. I had planned on straightening it, but due to the fragile state of my hair I did not flat iron it. Compared to last wash, my hair this time was extra thirsty. 

  • Prepooed with Hello Hydration sealed with my oil mix
  • Clarified with watered down ORS Creamy Aloe
  • Deep conditioned with *Naturally Silk Elements Deep Nourishing Conditioner for an hour
  • Rinsed it out and tea rinsed 
  • Towel dried and sprayed Aphogee Green Tea and Keratin Mist. 
  • T-shirt dried for an hour. 

      Now here's where things take a turn for the not so good. In New York I collected some hair products my sister didn't like. One product happened to be Komaza Matani Leave-in. Jen from just Grow Already loves this stuff but my sister hated it. 
      I decide to give it a try...I sealed it with Paul Mitchel Super Skinny. I figured I'd get the best result if I tried Jen's method...I even tried the tension method with a cold air blow dryer. My textured hair was dry, dry, dry. We all know the saying "what works for one might not work for everyone" It was like I put nothing in or on my hair. Sahara Dry. My sister said it did nothing for hair either.

The front will always look good, it's the back
 I'm afraid to look at or show people

        I already felt my hair needed protein and Komaza Matani was a protein leave in. Aphogee 2-Step next wash no doubt. Most products, I give a second chance, but I don't know about this one. 

       I did like the tension method. This is how my stylist would blow dry my hair when I allowed them. No mini fro hiding under my hair.

      *That Naturally Silk Element Deep Conditioner smells divine. That's the biggest reason I picked it up. It looks like Sally's is discontinuing the sale of KeraPro products, I made a mental note to go get my staple DC. I will try Naturally Silk Element again, maybe it wasn't the leave-in that failed me. I know I know I should try one new product during washed, that way I'll know what sucks and what doesn't. 

      Yesterday I couldn't take the way my hair looked. My one sister cut all her relaxed hair a few years back, no more relaxers since. She swears by using conditioners as moisturizers. I've heard and tried this before so I decided to give my horrid hair something. I applied Kerapro Deep Restorative Treatment on my hair section by section and twisted the back into 8-10 twists (why can't I just count them). The front of my hair I twisted into two. I sealed it with castor oil, organic EVOO and grape seed oil. Much better. I don't want to take the twists out ever, but I will. 

      I think I need to incorporate more moisture. But first protein. The breakage at the back makes my eyes tear up. I don't know. 2013 was the worst hair year I ever had. I don't know if 2014 will be better. Is it the relaxer, my scarf, the weather I don't know. And I'm tired of being frustrated. BUT just last week I was loving my hair. I need that feeling again. 

Happy New Year Ya'll!


  1. happy new year!!! i pray this year will be a better hair year for you.

  2. 2014 is your year honey! You and your hair are ready for a comeback!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands