Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Aku, Where Have You Been?!" I'm Here!

Hi Readers!

     I'm still at a slight loss about my hair. I used to have poppin hair man! It was great, I digress. First I want to thank my sister Miriam for holding down my blog while I took a break. I enjoyed reading her posts since I am so far away from her. Big THANKS! Don't fret she has a farewell post coming.
        So, for the past 4 weeks I have kept my hair in DIY Senegalese twists. I switched the extension brand, I now am using Expressions. The really really long hair, I ended up cutting the hair in half. 

April 2nd
^_^ Can you see my curlies?
     The first time I twisted my hair, my scalp was like please wash me properly. So I removed the twists ASAP. This time around I washed my hair in the extensions once and the rest of the times, I apple cidered my scalp. I moisturized my hair everyday with aloe vera juice, avocado oil and water in a spray bottle. My hair really held up. I think the switch in hair brands really helped. I am now missing my hair hair. Yes it was a nice nice break, but I'm ready to remove these twists and see my hair. I am about 14 weeks post. I have about two inches of new growth (I don't really measure). 
0_0 My hair is damaged
Finished product April 3rdish
    What's New?
     I'm moving back to the east coast! Not back to New York but the south. I love hot temperature and my boyfriend and I hate hate snow. I'm really hoping the water is soft since I'll be near the coast. I think hard water really took a toll on me even with the filter. THE BEACH WILL BE AN HOUR AWAY!! There are no beaches in the Midwest. 

 Working Out
     I've been doing Pilates, following Cassey Ho's beginner calendar. I'm on Day 18. I usually like her workouts and she has a crap load of them, so finding the right one is hard. With the calendar she has them picked out already and each day it's a different focus. Core workout vs Abs workout and so on. 

 Mini Vaca 
     It's almost time for me to visit Florida, 9 more days. I'm going to grab my boyfriend after his TACP graduation and say "hey time to come back home!" It's been about 4 months since I got to annoy him in person. 
        I have a hair packing list in my head. I know I know I want to keep it simple since I will be removing my extensions this upcoming week. I plan on wearing Bantu knots on the plane, going to the beach in French braids and wearing a Bantu knot-out for the graduation ceremony.

Henna and a big chop? 
     I'm planning on doing a henna treatment. I have been reading and researching. The henna dye part really grinds my gears because I love my hair color, so I picked up indigo as well. Still researching. In my head I think I'll big chop my hair right before I move in July, but I'll probably punk out. But if I do big chop, all the potential red hair will be gone!!! I think I could rock a fierce TWA! 

Laid my edges with aloe vera gel
My triple knot updo!

April 25th

What's Next? 
     After I let my hair breathe for two -three weeks, I want to use the rest of my Expressions hair and do medium-jumbo sized braids. Keep them in for a month and after that...I have no idea. This spring/summer is going to be crazy. I'm excited and nervous. New home, perhaps a puppy, Master's degree in August, a big chop maybe!? I really want to do a 5k. The season has begun. 

What is your spring and summer looking like? 
Any Henna/Indigo tips?
Peace and Love everyone! 


  1. Welcome back Aku! You have been missed:) As for the henna if it is your first time using it you will hardly notice the colour it will be more visible in natural light preferably sunlight at this stage. The deep red hue is more noticeable over time with consistent application. I have never used indigo so I am not much help with that am afraid.

    1. Thank you LYDZ! I'm happy to hear you say that about the henna. I'm excited about it

  2. Welcome back! The twist looks great, I wish I can do mine.

    1. Thanks gurl! You can do your own hair, it takes a lot of time but it's worth it.

  3. Say yes to those twists! Loved your sister and definitely glad to have you back chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Awwww Thanks KLP. I don't know how I missed this!!!