Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hair Regimen

Happy Saturday! I hope your Saturday has been well! Yesterday I washed my hair, which was the first wash after getting it relaxed. The results of my hair came out differently than what I expected. I guess my hair did not need the ORS deep conditioner. I think it may have been too moisturizing. Hopefully my next wash is better!

I wanted to share my go-to personal hair regimen this week. So here it! 

With the help of my sisters I have a few products that work well, and I feel confident using on my hair.

I use the Giovanni Smooth As Silk Shampoo. I love using this because consists of  organic ingredients! And is not to harsh on my hair. It does not give it the over stripped feel. It is also sulfate free! They have this at Target I believe, and you can also purchase it on Amazon, The Vitamin Shop etc. I shampoo about 2 times, to really get the past products out.

I use the Trader Joe's Brand, Tea Tree Tingle. This one really cleans my scalp, but also moisturizes my hair at the same time. After shampooing it leaves my hair soft, and moisturized. It contains no laurel/laureth sulfates and is suitable for all hair types. 

Deep Conditioner:
I use the ORS Deep Penetrating Conditioner, if my hair really needs moisture, and is feeling drier than usual. 
For me personally, this is the most moisturizing deep conditioner I have ever used. I bought this at Sally's Beauty Store.

Or I will use the Aussie  Moist 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deeeeep Liquid Conditioner, 8 oz. I actually really like this deep conditioner. It always makes my hair feel super soft, and moisturized. I love the feel of it when I put it on my hair as well as when I rinse it out. I'll deep condition for 30 minutes with a heater. After rinsing it out, I will do a Tee-Shirt dry for my hair. I leave it on for about an hour, and then apply my leave-in. You can actually buy this at a numerous places, such as CVS, Target, Walmart, Walgreen's etc. 

Leave In Conditioner:
I use the As I am leave-in, my sister's bought me this for Christmas. I was actually surprised with this one, because I always feel like I never got a good leave- in conditioner for my hair. It leaves it soft and moisturized throughout the day. You can get this at Target and Sally's Beauty Store. 

As for a sealant, I like using cocoa nut oil, and olive oil. Olive oil in the winter helps keep the moisture in, especially for my ends. I'm looking for better and stronger sealants, so if any of you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it! 

Feel free to comment and share your favorite products!
                                      -Miriam Ouedraogo


  1. I gotta try that trader joes shampoo. Nice post girl!

  2. Thank you! I think you will enjoy the shampoo!