Friday, April 4, 2014

Goals- Hair, Body and Mind

Happy Friday!
It's my very first post! And first post of the month! You know what that means! New goals for the month. I have a few that I want to share with you guys. I want to set new goals not only for hair, but for all aspects of life. Mental, Physical and emotional! I made this so it could also help you guys with your own goals and give you some tips.

  • Extend my post week to more than 16 weeks!
    • Deep condition every week with the heater 
    • Find a good shampoo, that really moisturizes and cleanses it at the same time 
    • Invest in a good sealer, such as Jojoba Oil, and grape seed oil
    • Try new hair styles, because sometimes buns get a  little boring!
    • Master how to roller set my hair by myself!

  • Write down good things that happened everyday. Sometimes we forget the simplest and smallest things are what can really make a day. We seem to forget the small things and focus on the bad, negative things. Make a memory jar. This usually is suppose to start on New Years day, you simply place it in a jar and when the year is over, you reread all the good things that happened, it really makes you appreciate the simple, small things. 
  • Do at least 15-30 minutes of yoga to relax the mind, sometimes that is all we need. Its a perfect stress reliever and is awesome for clearing your mind. At the end of the day our bodies go through so much that all we really need is time to relax!
  • Make small goals for each day! Instead of cramming, make a list of small things you want to accomplish, it will make you feel much better and good about your self
Oh in case you're wondering what I look like!
I'm going to leave you guys with some posts that caught my eye! 
                                             Miriam :)


  1. Hey Miriam girl! Thanks for taking over for bit. Loved this post! I love the memory jar, I started a gratitude journal, but I have been slacking on it. Did you get rollers yet? And the recipes, now I have to try one!

  2. Hey Aku! No problem!, Yes, I have a roller set. I'm going to incorporate them more into my washes. Hopefully it goes well!

  3. Oh a memory jar! Too cute for words! Good luck with your goals chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands