Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's just a setback :(

On April 25th, I wrote:

     "My first real setback. Or perhaps it's just the timing of everything in my life. I had my last salon visit this week. I know I told myself that before (6 months ago) but I'm serious this time. I'm the only one willing to detangle my hair with just my fingers. The struggle. I don't have the patience to pay and watch my hair get combed excessively. I don't want to even think about what my hair went through that day. I imagine the garbage filled with layers and layers of my hair. And everyone says "you have so much hair" according to who? And that doesn't mean I want to lose half if it. I digress. My hair grows and when it grows, it's thick." Poor detangling. 
    I'm 7 weeks post. I plan on self texlaxing in 3 weeks. This stretch, I've done one hard protein, I've been prepooing with conditioner or oil, flat ironed once, did my first flexirod set (thanks to these two ladies Jen and Ebony ) coffee rinses, moisture & sealing everyday and one clear rinse (I like clear rinses). After that last salon visit, I trimmed about an inch and a half of nasty ends. I mostly air dry. This stretch I have used these products religiously:
  • Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo (love Giovanni) 
  • Deep condish with Kerapro (I love)
  • Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer after deep condish 
    I recently purchased Organix Coconut Milk Serum for this stupid breakage I'm experiencing. I enjoy the serum, I have been using it a lot. Around seven week post, the shedding becomes annoying. I 'm trying to push through and perhaps last longer than the 10 weeks I originally planned for. 


My first flexi-rod set (5 weeks post)
This is my obnoxious smile beeteedubs
After my trim, ends are still shabby (idk when)
Semi-obnoxious smile 
Clear rinse one week after salon
I used Jazzing #10