Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why I'm Stretching

For years, I have waited at least 7 weeks before I would go to a salon for my relaxer. Lately I have stuck to 8 weeks and a texlax at the salon. Today I am 8 weeks post and I am going to stretch for at least two more weeks.


    Because I am terrified about texlaxing myself. I can't see where I need to apply the perm. So let's just prolong it. There's just too much hair. Wavy hair, coarse hair, curly, straight!!!! This texlaxed hair with it many textures, boy oh boy, I am not looking forward to it. However, there is no way I will pay 70 bucks to get it done. Plus I never have a good time at salons. 

    I need to man up, WOman up! I have to do it. Or I can just transition to natural...LOL I kid, maybe. I do want to see how long I can go without texlaxing. 

     My hair today feels great. It feels strong and not thirsty. I believe I got managing my new growth down. Took a few months and lots or searching. Whatever moisturizer you like (even good old water) section your hair, apply it and seal it with your favorite oil. I've seriously been spraying my hair with water, sealing it with grape seed oil, bunning it, put a scarf on and off to bed. 

     I keep asking myself why do I want to texlax. Texlaxing will make my hair life a little easier for myself and I miss my fresh texlaxed hair. Sigh, I will keep researching and watching hair videos. I just gotta focus on my goal- Freshly texlaxed hair.

4 or 5 days ago. 4 flexi-rods on dry hair


  1. Wait until you feel like you have a handle on it. You can do it!


  2. Hi KLP,
    I will definitely wait. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. No problem! Self-relaxing can be daunting and overwhelming. But you're not alone. There are tons of awesome self-relaxed chicas in the blogosphere! That you can get tips and tricks of the trade from.

      Here's the post from my last wash: Relaxer Touch Up