Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back to My Old Ways-Roller-Set

Last weekend, I spent A LOT of time under the sun. I felt as if I could hear my hair splitting and begging for water. So all week I have been using the Green House Effect (baggy method). I did it with Hello Hydration  and Paul Mitchell the Detangler. I did not buy the Paul Mitchell, it was the brand the hotel provided. I was overly excited to see it. But I was told "I'm late" and hotels have always been using Paul Mitchell...okay sure fine but I'm still excited.

This wash I told my sister I'd do a roller set...I don't know why. It's been about 5 months since I've done a roller set. So I was not thrilled, but that attitude will only leave me frustrated. That wouldn't be good on my hair, so I really had to mentally prep myself and keep going.

Same routine as last week EXCEPT I pre-pooed with The Detangler and I did not clear rinse. I used ORS Moisturizering Hair Lotion and Paul Michel Supper Skinny Serum. I believe this is where I went wrong. My hair doesn't feel like there's much in it, but it looks that way. Supper Skinny Serum is not my favorite but I wanted something smoothing. 

    This session took longer because I didn't roller-set freshly wet hair. I tee shirt dried and it went down hill from there. BUT it was a learning experience. Next time I will allow my hair to air-dry after I fully detangle. 

    Honestly, I think it took almost two hours to roll my whole head. THAT IS UNHEARD OF. I know I have to keep at it so I can be back at level I once was on. Sigh, I can't wait to air dry next week.  

    Roller-setting hairball is not bad at all.

    Not the results I wanted. Must practice. Damn I really cut
    my hair...

    I started flat-ironing the roots but quickly
    got bored. 

    Vacation is slowly approaching! A cruise to the Bahamas and a week in West Gate Florida. I didn't want to make a big thing about my hair and my extended vacation but it has been a hot topic. Inevitably my hair routine will change. Lots of co-washing and no-heat styles ALL DAY EVERYDAY. I will bring my flat iron, please don't judge me lol. I'm giving myself a heat pass (or two). We'll talk about it!



    1. I really liked your rollerset results. You are good. I need to practice these again, but man oh man they take so long, I know I'll get frustrated. I did another ponytail set last night. It seems so much quicker to me(didn't really time it) but I wasn't too frustrated. Will stick with that for now.
      Your hair still looks great(despite that trim). ha ha! Have fun on your vacation!

      1. Thanks Andrea. Perhaps I should try another ponytail set. I will keep that in mind.

    2. Your ends look great. I haven't roller-set in months. It bothers me that I can't get my roots straight without flat-ironing.

    3. Love your results! I soooo miss rollersetting but with all this NG, I feel like it would take FOREVER to set it! Before I started transitioning, it would take me about an hour. Now, I have the feeling it would take two!

    4. Love your results . just gorgeous. i wish i could rollerset

    5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the feedback.
      @KPL Yea I decided to just accept my roots will need a little flat-ironing :(
      @Age in ATL Sigh girl idk if it was me or the thick hair...but I will practice and see where it takes me!
      @Janae ^_^ It takes practice, you can do it! Welcome to my blog!

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