Monday, July 15, 2013

Meditation Challenge :(

Well it's been over 28 days since I started my meditation challenge.

Week 1 went like this 
June 16
Day 1- I chanted a mantra, two mantra because I could't pick one. Life's a little too complicated for only one mantra. I also listened to the first 3 tracks on the Meditation CD.
At bed time I did a lying down meditation.

Day 2- I watched the flame of a candle. No CD. I put my timer on for 6 minutes and tried to focus my busy mind on the flame

Day 3- "Replacing Negative Patterns With Positive Energy" this is track number nine. I loved it. I definitely recommend it. What did I love about it?

The Burmese position is good for beginners.
Day 4- I listened to track 10 "Grounding Meditation" It was cool. I tried really hard to keep my mind from racing but it was one of those days. Today I practiced different sitting poses. For now I will stick to the Burmese position.

So far I'm enjoying spending 5 or 6 minutes listening to my breathing.
Day 5- :( missed a day

Day 6- I tried to focus on my breath after being a little annoyed. It was hard. So I tried fire meditation in the backyard. I simply focused on the flames.

Day 7- My meditation was interrupted but I got a good 3 minutes in. I feel myself slacking but I can't be too hard on myself (something I'm working on).

At the end of week 2 I noticed I was slipping. However, I did complete my first 10 minute meditation. Very easy. But I missed 3 days that week. Meditating the first hour of waking up is what I like the best. It's just too many things happening during the day. When I wake up my mind is freer.

Week 3 I may have meditated twice. Shame on me. Once I don't do it after I get out of bed, chances of doing it again are slim.

Week 4...
I wasn't thinking about
meditation here.

      So I really wish I completed the challenge. A lot of things happened last week and there was a schedule change at home. I found some sense of calmness. I don't know if it was the little mediation I did or just a change in my attitude. In the future, I will try and incorporate meditation in my life. Meditation For Dummies is a great book for beginners. I'm happy to add it to my library.

     I wonder what my next challenge will be. It'll probably have something to do with working out.

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