Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wash Day- Busy Weekend

     So yesterday I put my swimsuit on, applied diluted Herbal Essence Hello Hydration to my french braided hair and proceeded to the pool. 
     I was so bummed. Yesterday was the day I'd learn to float, I felt it. Now I'm bummed thinking about it. 
       Anyways, this weekend I'm attending a little party/gathering and I'm going to Illinois to watch The Spartan Obstacle Race.
        I pondered what I'd do to my hair. I decided on a braid-out just because I'll be spending a lot of time outside. I wanted this session to be easy because I started late. I changed up my routine a little.

  1. Green tea rinse FIRST
  2. Shampoo with Giovanni Smooth as Silk
  3. KeraPro conditioner and Jazzing Clear Rinse 30 minutes under my hooded dryer (I was very heavy handed with KeraPro)
  4. Rinse
  5. Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Spray
  6. T-shirt dry
  7. Blog
  8. Detangle with ORS Moisturizing Hair Lotion and my Shea Butter mix
  9. French braid, scarf and bed
    Left: Tee Shirt dry for 30 minutes
    Right: What I got after detangling. Is that even a hair ball?
    There was another "ball" this size in the bathroom.

 Shrinkage the next morning! Pinned my ends up before bed.
Whenever I get my hands on ORS Moisturizing Hair Lotion,  I can't stop using it. My hair has always taken to it well. My texlaxed hair likes it too.

So I noticed my hair was on the brink of protein overload, but I never fret because it's a pretty easy fix me. Actually, I purposely over use protein, is that weird? It works for me. So I slathered KeraPro all over my tresses. After I rinse it out, it felt...what is the word? Soft I guess, like a fluffy pillow.

So I like the Green Tea Rinse first. I will incorporate another one before my deep condish.

Not FULLY dry but it'll have to do!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love how your braid out turned out! Your hair is so nice and thick!