Monday, July 8, 2013

Hooked on Homemade Smoothies

I used to spend mucho money on smoothie establishments. After a while, the smoothies began to slack and I no longer craved them. Summer is here in full effect and who doesn't love an icy drink to cool off.

My sister sent me this pic from
 superskinnyme. The website looks
great, must explore more.

For the past three weeks I've been blending my own smoothies. I'm pretty much obsessed, not dedicated per-say but definitely obsessed. Sometimes I blend too many things and it turns out gross.

 I like to keep it simple. Fruit and yogurt or fruit and ice or fruit, ice and yogurt. I use ice when I run out of yogurt. Iusually stick with store brand vanilla yogurt. I do try to watch my sugar intake, so occasionally I buy light yogurt. 

My two favorite smoothies to blend are:

I like my smoothies thick so I usually nix the liquid. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of hot water when my fruits are really frozen. Orange juice is a tasty addition as well. My blender is a beast! Having a beastly blender helps a lot.
I have been thinking about adding spinach to my smoothies...I love spinach, I love greens but I don't want it to taint my fruity smoothies!

My mouth is watering for a smoothie right now.

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