Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Past 7 Days

      The past 7 days I co-washed, drank water, barely meditated, got a mani/pedi and I went swimming (HAHA). 
Yea, it's cool to look at

   A hot topic that is prevalent in many hair/health blogs is water. Over the weekend, I found myself reading http://relaxedhairhealth.blogspot.com/. The blogger, Nadege has so many informational posts on hair, skin and body. She pointed out water apps and I quickly downloaded one.

   I am not a water drinker, and it's pretty much the only beverage in the house. No juice or soda. Which I find great but there are days where I won't drink anything. I just HATE water. 

   For years, doctors, friends and family have insisted I start drinking more water. I do try, sometimes I get inspired and I go days drinking glasses and glasses of water. 

   So I got inspired and picked up a 1 liter water bottle (it's a start). I try and drink a liter a day.

I haven't co-washed since May 18th (says my hair diary), but it was much needed this past week. I co-washed with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration  did a tea rinse and apple cider vinegar rinse. I don't know why I did the ACV rinse, perhaps I wanted more shine. I detangled with the help of my fingers, Giovanni Direct Leave-in and grape seed oil. Just an easy peasy session. 

Today I went swimming! Laugh Out Loud, I can't swim! My swimming cap ripped when I tried to cover my big head and hair :( No biggie, it didn't stop me. My hair was wet and conditioned from my pre-poo early. I gathered it up in a bun with a bobby pin and an Ouchless scrunchie.

   Back in the day I never did anything special to my hair when it came to sea water or pool water. I can't remember if I ever had a problem. This time around I figured it wouldn't hurt to take precautions. Plus I heard some horror stories about chlorine on the hair.

    My mani/pedi was a gift. I guess for being awesome. I am in love with my Gel French. Last year I sworn off Gel, when my ex-manicurist removed the gel with a drill used for acrylic nails. 

     I actually sworn off getting my nails done because I'm on that budget and it's crazy expensive in the Midwest. I used to get it done for 20 bucks on Long Island. Here, it's $35. SMH.

Happy 4th of July


  1. I love layering coconut oil over Herbal Essence Hello Hydration to protect my hair when I'm kickin it by the pool. Its perfect for keeping tangles at bay.


    1. oooooooo I will keep that in mind KLP!